The Marketplace of Life #poetry #lifeinUganda




greetings far and wide

hearts momentary grasp

a smile of shared kindness

if only this could last

 shallow are grey blue waters

when for another do not share

freedom used to ring

for gold we only care

daily the reminders

a smile so white and pure

a child trusts my hand

love is our world’s cure


gathering place

happy red tomatoes

instant friends


The prompt for this week at Poet’s United Mid Week Motif is Independence.

That concept used to be so dear – now is a time when people are enslaved in so many ways.


At long last a remedy has been discovered #medicine #fantasy #poetry

The lady a victim of a cursed poisoned rain

her breathy, alluring beauty consumed him causing heart’s pain

How was a knight to endure?

Vigilantly he sought her life’s cure

In a relentless quest

he travelled on her behest

seeing the world high and wide

clock’s hands moved life’s ebb and tide

he found a man who conjured infallible potions

“What will you give to spare your emotions?

she may already have met her grave”

“time will allow me her to save”

“alas it is too late

you both must endure your fate

take this… one sip will heal

two …you will no longer feel

three… is her demise (or yours)

“what is it ? says he with wide open eyes”

“to answer said knight’s query

it is a prozac and purple magic slurry”

Flipside Records has great word prompts weekly. This week was no exception