A Child’s Perspective #poetry #onewordprompt


keeping the darkness out

comfort beneath the covers

me and my flashlight

weary eyes and blurry book words

fall asleep wrapped in imagination

monsters don’t know the secret code


Today’s WordPress One word prompt is “Darkness”

photo is from a prompt several years ago I am sorry I do not know who the artist is.

Crack in the Door #poetry #pain


darkness is cruel

eyes neither open nor close

no feeling in void


inanimate pain

screams stifled behind closed doors

you inflicted this


slap awakens

firefly moment so bright

pin holes of hope


eye’s revelation

light cauterizes split heart

awaits gold of day

dawn waves


Sharing with Poet’s United Midweek Motif – the prompt is Inanimate.

The Ancient Alley’s Story #flashfiction #poetry #amwriting


Aged marks the alley

A way traversed by man

many feet have covered

more years than that  have spanned

Aged marks a history

where crimes in stealth occurred

running for a hidden place

but they had been observed

Aged marks a story

the stones that cannot speak

holding back the knowledge

not told on any street

Aged yes and crafty

we carry many scars

were you to know the secrets

you’d gasp and be alarmed

Seek not for the answers

we whisper in our drink

this alley holds much darkness

they’re coming

for you

we think


Thanks to Rochelle and Friday Fictioneers  for another week, another great prompt, and an entry into an alley where there may be no exit.

I took the liberty of editing Kent Bonham’s shot just a bit. I wanted the focus to be on the stones of this alley.

On the Edge of Darkness #poetry #photography

painted trickle

I stand on the edge

where  darkness

with a forked tongue

licks at open wounds

into my weakness plunge

I stand on the edge

where  darkness

grasps at my open cloak

causing me to fail

bruising my last hope

I stand on the edge

where  darkness

stealth it lies in wait

comes with razored teeth

knowing I’m the bait

I stand on the edge

where darkness

seeks for my demise

swarming to my end

disgusting are it’s lies


Restore This… #poetry #photography

Gazing at my hands

pointless disarray

all that I’ve created

has futilely slipped away…

Focussing on the blot

claims to be my stain

remove this from my being

that I might live again…

Reaching up toward Heaven

beautiful dark expanse

hold me in your power

away from death’s final dance…

Phtograph “The Climb” L. Moon copyright 2012