The Message…

Yes this is a Flash 55 but to read the beginning of the story you have to go to my friend J. Bengel’s site and read Vespers

The phone rang again.
Deep breath on the other end.
“Sorry it’s me again. I saw her. I’m back from the edge of death.

Before they sent me back a beautiful woman brushed my hand and whispered your name.

Tell him I’m here. I’m waiting. I love him.”
“Thanks” was all I could say

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What will I do with this day?

Oh so full of  grey

Is there any life around?

listen – is there sound?


Is that fragrance spring?

a twitter with a ring

blossom peaking out her head

or is all dead?


a mere ray of light

birds taking flight

will life  re-bound?

is that green on the ground?


So easily does the gloom

over my life loom

no sense in this day

seems meaningless and grey


When all seems as loss

I measure the cost

and realize

I still have breath for this day

Photo: ” Somber Day” – L. Moon