No regrets, No translation #poetry #children

Open the door to the past

look just there

toward the horizon of unfulfilled dreams

can you see her

yes she was the county’s beauty queen


the broad young man

in  red and gold

our school’s rising star

making an unbelievable catch

what stories could be told


I wanted nothing more

than to save children

average unassuming doctor

where there was no translation

just a need to be helped

with pediatric medicine


but beauty queens get old and dye their hair

football stars break a leg

drink beer in a lazy chair

and smart kids with no money

go on any one’s coat tails

to third world countries


in the end did it really matter

that she dyed her hair

that he beer cans scattered

that all over the world she flew

offering hugs in languages

she barely knew

Leslie and child

Do you have regrets, something you aspired to and couldn’t do? Here’s your opportunity to write about it at the WordPress Daily Post.


The Dance of Life (A Story)

I wasnt there but I felt your fear. We are mothers after all who have big, strong sons. Strong arms that will hold us when we are frail and weak.

We will never meet but I was there in the waiting room with you. I was holding your hand. I shed a tear. I wanted to yell at the doctors to hurry. I wanted to scrub in and help.

He swallowed a screw you told me through tear brimmed eyes.

“He was fixing the wall in our house when he inhaled it. When he started coughing painful spurts of blood we knew there was trouble. There are no doctors near our village. A friend drove us in his truck many miles to the hospital.”

“They told us the risk was great they couldn’t find the screw in the x-ray. The doctor knew something was there. they had to find it.”

I hugged her. There was a picture in my mind of a screw in your son. I prayed the doctor would find it my friend. If he were my son, you would do the same.

They found the screw after hours of exploring. “The rate of infection is high,” they said. After two weeks, the mother, my friend proudly showed me the screw tucked next to her heart. We danced around the screw – for life, for sons.

I wrote this note to the mama I will never meet:” I got the call before your son went into surgery; my friend a doctor was overseas. He was there when your son needed him. Our lives are different you are from a  small village in Zimbabwe I am from a big city in the United Stated. We are one as mothers. I was so glad my doctor friend was there to help your son. I was there with you in prayer.”

The Things We Do For Love (Trivia at it’s Best)

I was tagged now so are you!!!

Ok I was tagged by Hope at Roadlesstraveled. Ya know the song “The things we do for love.” ??? I’m doing this cuz: I love you Hope, it’s a longggg weekend,   I love all the people who come here and read my stuff,  and you (Hope) might win something from Thom.

Oh and Thom (of Hawaiians have way too much time on their hands) I  will get you back for getting me into this!!!

So – 8 random questions formulated by someone who probably lives on Saturn (those folks aren’t quite right).

1. Why did you start blogging?

Is this a trick question??? Initially to prove to someone I could but most importantly to create a niche as a writer with adult people (I’m a children’s writer if ya didn’t know.)

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world with no restriction of costs, where would it be and why?

I have been almost everywhere I have wanted to go. Africa is next – you will read about it, first, here on my blog. It will happen!

Um- why Africa? As a kid I read about starving African children, I wanted to become a doctor and save them. (sometimes the place you want to go all your life is the place you reach the last.)

3. Did you have a teacher in school that had a great influence on your life? If so, what?

You bet.  My sixth grade teacher changed my life. Because I struggled with basic Math principles, all my previous teachers had labelled me as stupid (even though I was reading post-high school level by 6th grade.) This teacher took the time (every day after school) to catch me up to my math level. Because of his investment, I kept excelling and graduated with a degree in College (top of my class in Nursing) where I needed strong math skills.

4. If you could spend the day with a famous person, who would it be, and what would you do?

Mother Teresa – feed and clothe the poor children in Calcutta (what else?)

5. Toilet paper – over or under?

Never use the stuff **

6. Name one thing in your life that you would do over if possible.

Everything and nothing – what not an answer?

Fulfilled one major dream and gone to Art School.

7. Tell about your pets – if any.

Numero Uno Pero  – Whitney a Goldie. She is my most loyal fan, she loves my poetry, and is trained to save me if I drown in our pool (at least she has led me to believe all of the above).

Numero Dos Pero- Ginger a Chihuahua mutt. She doesn’t speak Spanish or English just food.

8. Do you live in a small town or a large town.

Hmm –  definition please? I live in a town!!! I believe by todays standards it is large but it still has the small town feel.

I get to pick 8 lucky people to divulge Trivia (please note you are not obligated in any way shape of manner to do this. Could you tell me the answers privately though – pleez?)

Pete Marshall

Adam Dustus

Brian Miller


Emmanuel Ibok

Monkey Man


William Manson

**Either- it works both ways.

…And there you have it folks the most trivial stuff about MDW (moondustwriter). I am going to have to show up those people on Saturn and put together a proper pursuit in blog trivia.

Just Hail the Taxi (I mean mom)


to school

to the


back again

you forgot



I might have


but what I really

need is

a test

to see if

I am still



What hamster

running in a wheel


take a


and squeal


The only thing


from me

is the sound

of my



My poor


look and freeze

while praying

dear God

stop her