Thirty Six Percent #poetry


I bash my head against another diagnosis

the maze of “I don’t knows”

outweighs “this way out”

I ping the depths for respiration

I drag the bottom, no air to shout

hanging off an IV bottle

add a little more of that if you please

just a little more desperation

drugs can’t keep up with my disease

MDs with their coffee and boredom

“not interesting enough” * you say

what you see stands not before you

patients more anxious today


creative she sings

miracles of beauty surround

no time for boredom


(*A remark made to me by a trauma surgeon after being airlifted  from an auto accident)

Today’s prompt at Poet’s United is “Boredom.”

I could rant about healthcare and it’s failings when twenty or thirty years ago we (health care practitioners and researchers) were making inroads.

No need to worry as all of those roads now have “do not enter” or “closed for repair” signs.

Merry-Go-Round with #Healthcare #flashfiction #cancer

Sadly the poor state of healthcare is not fiction. A patient needs to stick up for his or her rights and be proactive to stay alive!

“Do you know how many times I have heard the words “you only have a few weeks, maybe months”????  I am tired of the fear evoked by practitioners who are not up to date on diagnosis and bed-side manner (as in looking at all the data thoroughly!)

I’ve given my dog a heart attack. I fed the cat something that killed her. I didn’t realize I  left the cage open until I ran over my bunny. My friends and family think I’m cancerphobic.

Can’t somebody get it right?”

“Slow down sweetie. I’m telling you this because my mother had the same symptoms as you. she died in four months ‘cuz she had a male doctor who wasnt thorough with the tests.”

A tear fell “If I’m going to die, I’d like to know.  I am so tired of the merry-go-round of maybes.”

“The test I’m doing will tell us.”

“Can I bring my parrot to the office until we know?”