You Are My Sunshine… #photography #nature


you know the song

sung long days ago

always warmed the heart

with season’s rays

This set in response to the prompt at Cee’s fun foto challenge – “You are my sunshine”

Join in the fun there’s always room for more!

Dusk’s Dance #poetry #haiku #sea #photography

this road–

no one goes down it

autumn’s end


And here I meet him – Dusk

eyes linger

on the last flames

burning off cities in the distance

he offers his hand

“will you dance?”

“yes, but I must rise soon.”

for a few stolen moments

we dance as the day fades to away

sun-drop 1


last of day’s splendor

blue sky merges with sea

moon yawns

Kristjaan at Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem prompts us to write about Dusk. I used my poetic license to create a haibun for such an occasion.

Dusk in Rain #haiku #summer #photography


sun rises brightly

light swallowing our fears

dusk pours in like rain


dusk pours in like rain

my forest engulfed in grey

leaves hold the rain


leaves hold each drop

cloudburst followed by thunder

welcome pitter patter

photography: Clouds © L. Moon 2013

Thanks to Kristjaan for the Dusk in Rain prompt

From Dawn to Dusk #poetry #photography

Dawn you rise brilliant and fine

your fingertips stretch

touching each end of the world

with your color rising smile


Day you warm and chide

reminding us of the tasks that must be done

you move us along with your blues skies

puffy clouds dance with your minstrels


Dusk oh dusk you mirror my moods

grabbing at the last rays

mingling them with my tears

closing the curtain for act two