Must Shine on My Own

Couldn’t stop you

You were going down

I wasn’t ready to shine

my smile looked more like a  frown


You taught me the basics

seasons and days

made sure I’d stay clear

of your rays


You gave me a piece

of something too

wasn’t sure

was it the wisdom of you?


You left me

a lone little moon

I guess I was ready

just seemed all too  soon


You spoke from the ages

about your ways

I will miss looking across

the earth at your gaze

Little Calypso (Saturn’s moon discovered 1980)

Dear little sister

let me sing you a song

of big moons

and little ones

that shine all day long


I’m glad that we met

let’s look over the sea

of planets and galaxies

there’s a

whole history


Let’s dance dear Calypso

in the cosmos

let’s be free

no one is watching

our moon fantasy


Let’s write a story

about moons

you and me

put a  smile on my face

for the whole earth to see

photo taken by Cassini spacecraft