Drawing You #poetry #face

My first sweep of your jawline

a shade around your nose

caught on your eyes

what is happening

who knows


I sketched until dawn

this face remembering

then why were my lips

shaking and trembling


I peered deeper still

you looked back at me

what had I done

set my love free?


To settle on a face

the one in my dreams

Oh what a fool

to believe in such schemes


I continued to draw

each night until dawn

I’d lost all control

what had gone wrong?


Hearing a sound

before the sun rose

a knock on the door

could it be?

I don’t know


There someone stood

something circling his face

the man in my drawing

no turning back

I’ll have a mental break


When I originally wrote this I was starting to draw portraits. They are difficult. I added a little more Jekyl Hyde rather than a romantic tone.

Art: Pablo Picasso

Halloween #haiku #photography




Sunny disposition

someone wants to cut you

Hide your  face


small orange pumpkin icon

Places to hide

any mask take your choice

just for one night

The Carpe Diem time glass prompt is Halloween. We are given a window of time to construct a haiku. The sands of time are running…

Kakashi (Scarecrow) #haiku #poetry



scarecrow in the hillock
paddy field —
how unaware!  How useful!


Stalks are dead lifeless

harvest our autumn task

scarecrows find their face


another break from  day

mist crests the corn husked field

scarecrow’s never rest


The autumn prompt from Carpe Diem is Scarecrow. Scarcrows can have a sily face or a sinister one – which one do you think of when you think of scarecrows???

Photograph attribution: http://www.makescarecrows.com/traditional-scarecrow-ideas.html


That Night Beneath the Moon

My eyes lingered upon her face

intrigued by her smile

rare beguiling inner glow

I could take in her beauty for hours

That face – radiant and pure

reflecting some mystery of the ages

the luminescence of  her gaze

made my heart tremble

She was so steady and sure

though she changed with the days

her emotions never showed

the intensity of her heart

I will always recall

a night I fell asleep

beneath the glow of the moon

dreams of her loving gaze upon me

Thanks for the photo to Eye of Einstein