A Smile Defies Gravity #poetry

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin If I were free of life’s daily trials I would rein in the mouthContinue reading “A Smile Defies Gravity #poetry”

What a Child Sees #poetry #devotion

I looked in a child’s eyes today what I saw took my breath away fantasy worlds the size of a dime held in a hand that measured time a smile that spread the horizon and more sweet filled goodness a spirit that soared I looked in the heart of a child today nothing too precious atContinue reading “What a Child Sees #poetry #devotion”

No More Tea for You! #haiku #fantasy

I looked for a simple spoon to stir the milk into my tea I’m not sure what happened but I guess I lost my temper The barista (I learned later) is a wizard’s apprentice My life is now forever upside down… A spoon to stir tea I’m caught in a reflection magician’s rules The haikuContinue reading “No More Tea for You! #haiku #fantasy”

The Golden Key #fantasy #postaday #fiction

I was a golden key fashioned just after time was turned and I knew I had a purpose  but forgot all I had learned.  I placed myself in large  hands of those who perchance might  serve but one after another got what they deserved. And so I hung despondent  on a cold and lifeless  treeContinue reading “The Golden Key #fantasy #postaday #fiction”

Epic For You #poetry #fairytale

If I could write an epic tale wrapped in dragon lore and knights on a long  and misty trail reserved for battles and  long fights the words that I would pen over each I’d linger long  all my strength I’d gladly spend to sing for you a song If I could live an epic taleContinue reading “Epic For You #poetry #fairytale”

Friday Feature #writing #fiction #author

 Welcome to Friday Feature and Author Joseph Pinto   I am privileged to know some remarkable and talented writers. Joseph Pinto is no exception. When I met Joe I was living on the Dark Side of the Moon which reflected in my darker than normal poetry. I had admired his writing as well as theContinue reading “Friday Feature #writing #fiction #author”

“Be Mine” writing-challenge-valentine #poetry #valentine’sday

What if he should read the words I wrote 100 years from now of knights and dragons and hidden away princesses would he think it mere fantasy? *  I write faithfully with my pen of dark misty hollows places to be lost corners to be found hoping dreams never to end * can ideas inscribedContinue reading ““Be Mine” writing-challenge-valentine #poetry #valentine’sday”

Awaken Me #poetry #photography

I lay here cold and solitary life passes by I too inert to cry * Free once to laugh and sing  formed of sinew and bone I now a mindless stone * “Where do you go?” I call as they pass you eddy and whirr I dream to  momentarily stir * no use I neverContinue reading “Awaken Me #poetry #photography”

Where there’s a will… #writing #art #poetry

So familiar like riding a bike I can hear ungreased gears grind my swollen feet have forgotten the motion in frustration I fling the bike willing it to take life and show me how to ride in figure 8s So familiar like painting my first picture I can see the blues, reds, yellows flow andContinue reading “Where there’s a will… #writing #art #poetry”

Fantasy Has Teeth #flashfiction #fantasy

“That has to be a Rhicrocohip,” my daughter clapped in excitement at the animal that she had only seen in books. “And I’m sure that’s an Elebratigraff,” my son proudly enunciated the name. Our trip to Eurafrissia had been a delightful excursion. Nothing here was like the polluted  world we had stepped out of. I smiled asContinue reading “Fantasy Has Teeth #flashfiction #fantasy”


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