In the long run…#photography #microfiction #sixwordstory

train tracks
old rails
yesterday's memories grasped at forever's horizon

it’s amazing what six words can do.

Check out My Random Ramblings and this is the Saturday Six Word Story (6WSP) Prompt “Forever”. where six words tell powerful stories.

I Wait for Forever #poetry #photography

Forever it seems

I wait upon this shore

my eyes are open

have not what I need to see


I wait upon the shore

wistful thoughts 

pass by like clouds

what must it be like to soar?


My eyes are open

ocean’s spray starts my sight

beauty too magnificent 

 these lips explanation cannot cope


I have not what I need to see

to the other side

but there will come a day

when forever will surpass my dreams

Photograph: “Receeding Tide” © L. Moon 2013

Watching Time #poetry

Anticipation that sense of awaiting. As Christmas looms ever near, children wait expectantly for the day. As 2012 approaches, some smile with expectancy to a wonderful year ahead.

They wont move while you watch

my mind wills the hands around your face

tick tick I can’t wait

open the glass face and let me in

move now move quick

my life is in your perfect sphere

midnight… one… two… three…

dawn rises beautifully clear

as you pull me close to thee


Forever Love #Triolet #poetry

my love for you forever be

emblazoned in our hearts and minds

Its timelessness will set us free

my love for you forever be

someday it will be you and me

If we can only bide the time

my love for you forever be

emblazoned in our hearts and minds


This is my attempt at my first Triolet for One Stop Form

If you were here

I would never stop talking

there would always be

answers leading to more questions

deep moments of


I’d gaze

you’d grin

private joke

no explanation needed

I’d look for your approval

your consent

you wisely know

the right words to


We’d tell stories

gazing at the stars

searching their secrets

holding hopes and dreams

close in our


Thanks for the Photo: Jared Smith (Licensing Creative Commons)