Plop… #friendship #haiku


autumn ripples

walk river edges

 circles ripple and collide

full of skipping stones


This haiku the theme River Stones is dedicated to each of the fantastic people (friends) at Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem.

This Haiku is full of symbols: River edges = life, ripple = friendship, skipping stones=haiku

Thanks to Kristjaan Panneman for creating an environment full of warm ripples and skipping stones.

The Dance of Life (A Story)

I wasnt there but I felt your fear. We are mothers after all who have big, strong sons. Strong arms that will hold us when we are frail and weak.

We will never meet but I was there in the waiting room with you. I was holding your hand. I shed a tear. I wanted to yell at the doctors to hurry. I wanted to scrub in and help.

He swallowed a screw you told me through tear brimmed eyes.

“He was fixing the wall in our house when he inhaled it. When he started coughing painful spurts of blood we knew there was trouble. There are no doctors near our village. A friend drove us in his truck many miles to the hospital.”

“They told us the risk was great they couldn’t find the screw in the x-ray. The doctor knew something was there. they had to find it.”

I hugged her. There was a picture in my mind of a screw in your son. I prayed the doctor would find it my friend. If he were my son, you would do the same.

They found the screw after hours of exploring. “The rate of infection is high,” they said. After two weeks, the mother, my friend proudly showed me the screw tucked next to her heart. We danced around the screw – for life, for sons.

I wrote this note to the mama I will never meet:” I got the call before your son went into surgery; my friend a doctor was overseas. He was there when your son needed him. Our lives are different you are from a  small village in Zimbabwe I am from a big city in the United Stated. We are one as mothers. I was so glad my doctor friend was there to help your son. I was there with you in prayer.”

The Push and Pull of Social Media Networking

How did Social Media Networking Pull You In?

What got you in to Social Media Networking? Was it the prospect of getting a million followers? Was it the potential of increasing your readers on your blog? Were you looking to market  those 10,000 widgets sitting on the shelf?

I would love to say I entered Social Media Networking just to meet great people. I researched to see what it could do to promote my non-profit organization for children. There was no manual or single place to amass information. I kept reading and clicking, disseminating information, and joining new groups. Look at it this way if someone had laid out a table of food and then instructed me to eat this, no eat that, now add that, finish off with that – if this were food I would be in serious trouble. Ok-  I am a Social Media glutton – at least there are fewer calories. =)

The unexpected:

Here’s what I keep hearing which I believe many people didn’t expect. We are forming friendships. People are reading my work and giving me great input. I just commented today on a scene that a friend is working on. I hope my comments help.

I am part of a tribe – wonderful talented women -who I will introduce another time cuz they deserve a blog of their own.

My non-profit is on the back burner – but as a result of social media networking – I just helped form another non-profit (still for kids just one for those with special needs.) I’m going to conferences; hopefully getting my book and future book series  out in the forefront.

Most important:

Why are we here anyway. We make money but why? Isn’t it to live? Who do we live for or with? PEOPLE!  People who have commented back to me on my first blog have all said the same thing – Social Media Networking is people are meeting people. Friendships are connecting not just in a company but in a  world that is shrinking daily.

I have friends who are finished up at SXSW they took in loads of information and they met people; names  that they will add to  their lists, their  links,  their lives.

Thanks Social Media

you have helped a lot of us make exceptional connections

Photo: Webtreats  (license Creative Commons)