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Memory #haiku #moon

yabu- iri ya  mamori- bukuro o  wasure kusa

Apprentice’s holiday:
a good-luck amulet
forgotten in the grass

© Buson


waiting all year

dance to the memory

full moon in her eyes

This Carpe Diem Haiku Kai prompt is in celebration of a holiday that the servants were given: “Yabu-iri” literally “thicket-entering,” is an obscure season marker in haiku for spring (or late New Year). On about the sixteenth of the first month, servants and apprentices were allowed to go home for a short visit. This would have meant that the holiday started  with the full moon.


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Moon Dance … #poetry #music #photography #NWCU #moon

Dance with Me

Join us at New World Creative Union for a dance with the arts our prompt for Wednesday Wake Up Call. Thanks to Natasha for a great prompt!

The music beckons through waves of color …

Dance with me

while the night is young

beneath the harvest moon

my dearest one


Dance with me

while the night is dark

we move as one

hands caress their mark


Dance with me

in the misty glade

hot tendrils rise

nymph takes my place


Dance with me

by the light of the moon

morning’s light

will enter much too soon

Van Morrison could always get me to dance / He still can to “Moon Dance

Photograph “Dance Under the Moon”  ~L. Moon copyright 2012