Poverty’s Streets are the new Manhattan #poetry #photography


Poverty’s Streets are the new Manhattan

You want to change me

I don’t want your life

behind the wheel of a Benz

I like my two-speed bike

with peeling paint

no one wants to steal it

like they steal your unoriginal ideas

I don’t need a copyright

on my street art

it’s free

when they paint over it

I have a clean canvas

and plenty of cans

what happens when your money

is printed on soup can labels?

your gold-plated life

peals and all that is left is blank?

what will you have

when Manhattan

is just another ghetto?

Here’s the Daily Post Challenge:

Click over to your favorite blog, and pick out the 4th and 14th words (that aren’t “the” or “an”). Drop them into this phrase:

“_____ is the new _____.”

There’s your post title. Now write!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BLANK.

Inspired by my friend Charles Martin

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