Reap what we sow #dark #poetry #PEN

the green place that I’d known
had been watered red and died
nothing was left to atone
the sun on that day must have cried

Come on over to Pen of the Damned where there is an unusual reaping. Reaping the Harvest  my newest dark poem seems oddly appropriate for the day our government in the United States has shut down.

Photography: Pen of the damned icon by Bernini

Harvest in sepia © L. Moon

Anticipating spring #haiku #poetry #agriculture

Spring paddy fields

Green you await me

flourishing with spring’s new life

like a blushing bride


like a blushing bride

you anticipate new growth

a new fertile year


a new fertile year

smiles full of gratitude

inhaling life

The beauty of green paddy fields, the anticipation of a good year even  before the planting has begun. Thanks to Kristjaan at ChevresFeuilles for today’s Carpe Diem Prompt

Laundry Line (Americana Poetry)

My grandparents lived in a “ticky tacky” house in San Francisco when I was a kid. I remember the long cord that went out from the house to the telephone pole. I used to love pulling the cord and making the laundry fly free. I was always surprised that anything would dry in the cold moist S.F. fog.

I pushed you out each morning

pulled you at the end of light

you faithfully held my clothes

thru morning, noon,  and night


I let you stand alone at times

you’ve been my faithful friend

my husband’s jeans

the baby’s frock

were fresh because you’d spin


But I was sold a bill of goods

a large white metal box

it took up space

saved some time

and noise -there was lots


It would change the world

of this I’m certain now

energy has gone sky-high

we weren’t thinking

the day we took you down


Thanks to my friend Emily

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