Grief #atozchallenge #elderly #haiku #photography

spider lily

final song

head fell against the pillow

flowers wept


I don’t need to explain what grief is in a time when the flowers in so many gardens are weeping.

One of my patients, before she was put in isolation, told me that she thought about her husband every day.

“He was a good man. Always looking for ways to make me happy. It was unexpected- His heart just failed.”

I saw the tears in her eyes. They expressed gratitude as much as grief.


These times are hard. I wonder if my clients will survive this pandemic. When I said “goodbye” when the lock down started, I didn’t know what to expect. (I had to make a hard decision to call off until Covid is under control because I have a high-risk family member who I could not put at risk daily.)

The last quarantine I was part of I was locked in not out of the hospital.

I’m also missing Uganda very much. The weeping flower above is a spider lily from Uganda.

How about giraffes? They are so beautiful and graceful. The spots on that mama are one of a kind. I can watch these animals all day.

what’s your favorite animal to watch???

And thank you A to Z challenge for a day in the key of G

G also stands for grateful. Thank a healthcare worker. Here’ s blog of a pathologist doing his part for Co-Vid 

Without You #grief #haiku #photography

cemetery rose

tsuka mo ugoke waga naku koe wa aki no kaze
shake! o tomb!

the sound of my wailing

is the wind of autumn

© Basho


Alone, I began

spring my awakening

autumn sings my song

cemetery rose

The Carpe Diem Haiku Kai prompt is Grief. What sounds do you hear in grief?

Too Much to Let Go of …. #grief #poetry #photography

sun behind clouds

runs through my fingertips

furrows formed by tears

so much run-off in my heart

though preparing these many years


how can one prepare

for a loved one’s life to pass?

one my knees I’ve daily prayed

memories to hold me fast


to the pier of grief I’m moored

against me the waves crash

bulwark waterlogged

to hope my sinews lashed


“steer straight” I hear the call

a lighthouse  is ahead

drift not into death’s shoals

peer through the cloud of dread