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Ripple Effect #poetry #alzheimers

writing in the margins

so much more to say

images collide

cold and cloudy day

filling up the pages

lost amidst the line

start where ended

fretful is my mind

notes are merging

losing the details

misty is the matter

flattened now my scales


Alzheimer’s is a debilitating disease for the elderly. People working in the filed have found that music helps retain some connections to life’s memories.



Alzheimers · haibun · Photography · Poetry

Alzheimers the hidden treasure #caregivers #alzheimers #haibun

More than forty years ago,I took care of my first Alzheimer’s patient. Back then we called a patient confused. The trade marks were the same: little by little the mind ebbs and the memory recedes.

I have learned much as I have looked through the window of an elderly person’s life. There is a store house of information, experience, history that is so close. My challenge as a caregiver is to find the key that unlocks the treasure chest.

By the time I enter a client’s life, they have “lost” quite a bit of memory. But there is always some treasure if I am patient. “Patient” is the operative word – I cannot have an agenda, be pushy or in a big hurry.

Mary loves children and she most often sets the tone for the conversation. Her years of experience as a school teacher are like gold for me as my other life is teaching African children. It is a joy to hear children in the background of her life.

Today- I grasped at another treasure – we look good in the same colors. She chose several outfits that would look good on either of us. Last week we had a pillow fight and got into a fit of laughter. She asked me a puzzle of a question; I asked her one in return.

Each day we find what we can do not what we can’t do and it works.

I am not inferring that caring for a person with Alzheimer’s is easy – It is Not! As the wave recedes, I am sorrowful for the yesterdays that are lost. But my hand is going to clasp hers and be grateful that there are more days filled with treasure if I am ready to hunt for it.

Tide is fading

wind thrashes each memory

deep blue sea




Merry-Go-Round with #Healthcare #flashfiction #cancer

“Do you know how many times I have heard the words “you only have a few weeks, maybe months”????  I am tired of the fear evoked by practitioners who are not up to date on diagnosis and bed-side manner (as in looking at all the data thoroughly!)

I’ve given my dog a heart attack. I fed the cat something that killed her. I didn’t realize I  left the cage open until I ran over my bunny. My friends and family think I’m cancerphobic.

Can’t somebody get it right?”

“Slow down sweetie. I’m telling you this because my mother had the same symptoms as you. she died in four months ‘cuz she had a male doctor who wasnt thorough with the tests.”

A tear fell “If I’m going to die, I’d like to know.  I am so tired of the merry-go-round of maybes.”

“The test I’m doing will tell us.”

“Can I bring my parrot to the office until we know?”