Autumn Equinox #nwcu #photography #poetry

Earth please catch me

I have fallen from the sky’s tree

clouds were helpless

in their grasp

my leaving too sudden

are you prepared

for my crackling orange

red glow

converging on dark earth


fall is




a heart broken

patched with glue

who was to know that the glue would never hold

paste really

believing that she possessed an unpatchable heart

she walked the earth

much like the headless horseman


the heart kept beating

and reached out to a band of children who also could not find the right kind of heart glue

a song was written

in and for those hearts

it continues to be sung

and the song keeper

moves forward

never looking back

realizing the heart is being repaired with each touch into the life of someone hurting

it now glows with the realization that was its purpose

all along…

I will add this p.s.

twice in one year I was told I had several cancers and one which was untreatable. At first I was afraid, until people near and far (many I never knew before and may never see again) offered their prayers, kindness, love. Two days ago I got a phone call – there is nothing to report/ everything is fine. It’s gone! I thank so many for their prayers and my God for His Grace and I look to the sky and dance and sing!!!!

Please join us as we celebrate autumn at New World Creative Union share your art through words, drawing, music, paint  -any media is welcome. Please in the midst of your creativity share a bit about yourself!

Photography “Fallen Sun” by L. Moon copyright 9/2012

Deeper than her heart #poetry #heart

Removing the knife from her heart

blood should have poured

nothing but a drop or two

she grimaced

“He got that too?”

she could not see

nor could any diagnostic tool

the sheer will to live

coursed through her veins

he had taken everything else

the knife blade loudly clanged

this metal not fatal

“you couldnt hurt me anymore”

with a smile

she moved forward

time would heal

the gash in her side

iron will beat out the last deadly thrust that day

that beautiful knife crafted and sold at

Hearts on Ice #atoz #atozchallenge #flashfiction

On the dark side of this steely grey luminous orb

I was cold unfeeling

having driven a blade into your back

it was your heart that I pierced

mine was already on ice – shattered

but still

to be the recipient of death is one thing

to deal death such a cold emptying deed

slowly the orb turns

blue cold with light emitting from the edges

what no one could know

your blood once spilt warmed my dormant heart

the orb once dark emitted beauty to far reaching galaxies

succesfully melting centuries old ice caps

the beautiful work of one warm heart

Thanks to Seth Woodworth  for the ice knife photo

The Door to My Heart #poetry

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”– Carl Jung

Peer in that crack

slightly ajar

opened for you

the door to my heart


what would you see

peering deep inside?

layered insecurity

years I’ve tried to hide


venture ever further

finds an inner glow

beckoning your kindness

please don’t ever go


If you truly entered

the chambers of my heart

I would give love freely

passion painted art


Please check out this wonderful poetry feast for Friday – hosted by Jenne Andrews

an excellent photograph

Cold as Ice #flashfiction

“… there is no way he’ll live?”

‘W’eve  done every life saving measure. But for whatever reason his heart  wills a fragile beat barely enough to push the blood in his body an inch.


“We  found her on the side of the road only her heart had the will to survive.”

 a heart wrapped in ice…


This is just one of many fictions written in 55 words that will be offered up to the group at Friday Flash Fiction~ hosted by the world renowned G-Man.

Love: Just an Illusion? #oneshotwednesday

Words she wrote reached into his heart

He heard them somehow

Unspoken words her  art

Or…  just an illusion?


She thinks he must be a dream

How will she know?

“what does it mean?”

Is he …  just an illusion?


silent pleas go into the night

He feels her words

This seems so right

It might be …  just an illusion


Love flows rapidly like spring’s stream

washing over them

it trickles so clean

Defying the illusion


whispers into the misty night air

He catches her look

hearts locked in a stare

Their love is no illusion…

Giovanni Blank: