Love: Just an Illusion? #oneshotwednesday

Words she wrote reached into his heart He heard them somehow Unspoken words her  art Or…  just an illusion? *** She thinks he must be a dream How will she know? “what does it mean?” Is he …  just an illusion? *** silent pleas go into the night He feels her words This seems so […]

Holding Your Heart #oneshotwednesday

Can’t protect you against the storm in it’s rage but I can hold your heart * I can’t shield you from the flaming suns rays but I can hold your heart * Can’t keep your boat Safe from harm So it won’t capsize But I can hold your heart * I can’t keep The ugliness […]

Shattered #flashfiction

  Fluidity     v    softmotion our worlds ~converge some call it love commitment us V   intertwined united undulating as one * * why pushing away small sharp ascerbic words crashing against my heart listen hear cracking begin one line becomes another ugly ripple sound crashing existence until there is nothing toput back to […]

Tattered and Torn #oneshotwednesday #abuse

Crouched in the corner lights graze my form front and center small, faded, forlorn *** What do they want? no warmth, only spite peering and prodding no “endless delight” *** Sucking the color pulling apart perfectly aimed at the center of my heart ** Any one there? a moment to share reach out a hand […]

Etched in my Heart

Darling -You entered my life broke through the wall of my heart. Your sweet caress balm to my weary soul. You love me like none ever could. Yet you would walk away for my happiness~ not your own. How could your leaving cause anything but pain? Don’t leave now you are permanently etched in my […]

Never to See You – Jamais Encore #poetry

Ce que fera je fais… Si je ne vous voit jamais encore? The question was what… what would I what will I do when you leave you leave and never return?   Life giving oxygen leaves in quick blasts at the very thought thought you gone my world vacant *   An empty bed empty […]

Thread to my heart (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)

Thanks to all who join us each week for quality poetry at One Shot Wednesday. We hope you enjoy this week. The poem I wrote for today after some thought is taking a trip to several magazines instead of One Shot. This poem has been faithfully sitting gathering dust in a folder called poems. My heart […]

Her Soft Caress to my Heart

~She~ Hold me for a moment feel my warm breath against your neck hear me whisper (something) softly in your ear ~He~ I held her and felt the faintest movement of air I turned and knew her words were a soft caress on my heart ❤ *

A glimpse of hope

It was broken so was she but a piece was still remaining That small shard reflected life hope possibilities maybe even a future *** “Oh ” she sighed as she picked up a piece of her heart there it is me! *** It was soft vulnerable it’s true but it was still beating


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