Be Still… #covid19 #faith #poetry

Dawn is breaking

spring’s storm is calmed

peace’s moment


“Then he arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!”

And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.”

Mark 4:39


In turbulent days, we can always trust in the one who calms the sea and our hearts.

How is the CoVid-19 virus impacting you and your family?








The Thousandth Teardrop #poetry #pain #illness

As this posts I will be in surgery. I must remain hopeful…

I plead for a painless night

Relief an out of reach dream

serene sandy beach walk

ends in peals I scream

Endless days / more nights

I ponder walking off the pier

free fall into oblivion

but wait a sweet voice I hear

speaking silently

to my tear stained heart

the words that are spoken

placed not in the dark

the deepest night

proceeds the most glorious dawn

“light is on the way”

with that your words were gone

the pain it wont take flight

but I harken for a voice

I will not lose this fight

Just For You… #poetry #napomo

When we cant be close to loved ones we are invisibly joined by the bond of love

Though you wont know

these words are penned

typed rather slow

with thoughts of you

Im on the moon

you ~ terra’s ground

looking down

with thoughts of you

working school or sick

wish I could pick

a tea cozy spot

with thoughts of you

can never replace

the warm embrace

since you were young

with thoughts of you

hold on tight

from the monsters of the night

I can’t be there

but I have always

thoughts of you