Whisper (Thursday Poets Rally)

Listen darling

only for you

words I’m saying

verifiably true


knowing you’re close

makes my heart soar

Blue eyes twinkle

when you look  to my soul


I love best

next to your ear

hint of a whisper

to the one I hold dear


and he believes her…


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The Secret (Thursday Poet’s Rally wk 16)

He was handsome – rakishly so
A magnetism he knew worked in his favor
he sealed the fate of many a doll

No one knew his secret
They never would
He would take his “magic” over women to the grave

One night she got a glimpse
Something she wasn’t meant to see
His secret wasn’t as safe as it was supposed to be

She had a secret too
Might be his undoing
She could release the tongue of any man
Her beauty and charm skilled in wooing

She carried a file of secrets in her heart
She loved each story and the man it footnoted
Each given freely to her

Put these two together
an explosive combination
Could be diabolical
or a romantic duet

What would be her fate-
He wondered?
What would be his story-
She pondered?

Also Wanted to thank dear, sweet Jingle for the Awards from Week 15!!!!

No need to hide

Why were you hiding

From people you loved?

When all of the answers

Came from above


You just didn’t know

Where to turn

Path to destruction

Life on the burn


There was no way out

So many sensed

You’d  never get free

Caught by the fence


You never needed

to hide in the wings

what exceptional gifts

talent and things


Stay off the fence

Look up high

That which you search for

Is in the sky!!!!

Photo courtesy of Mysza831

Jingle’s Week 10 Poetry Award

Thanks once again to dear Jingle for her fabulous awards

want to give this award to my new friend Brenda Porter an up and coming writer (in my estimation) – Love ya Brenda!

Find a deserving poet/writer to pass this award along to and post a poem to attach the award to.


Everything fresh

words are all new

her poetry flourishes

like the morning dew


she is free to create

one with pen

she is so inspired

I think way back when


To when I was starting

mine were new

writing on fire

I also drew


So many years

I took a reprieve

for writer friends grateful

I will never leave

Mill Creek

Sometimes she runs

other times she trickles

her beauty is bubbly

at times though she is fickle


What is it?

Do I hear her speak?

her timeless  song

gives me cause to think


Her voice is rapturous

her whisper sweet and  dear

gentle when she wants me

her words of love are clear


What do I see in her

so different than the rest

she smiles at me

I alone am hers by request

Photo: “Mill Creek” – L. Moon

Promising Poets Award

An Award for you!!!

For you

my faithful friends

the world of poetry

weaves and wends

garden of words

we can depend

let us rise

open the gate

to this special world

and celebrate

by Moondustwriter

Jingle always has the best awards. Constantly striving to encourage poets

I am grateful for the following folks and as such would like to pass this award along

If you feel so inclined pass this on to twelve deserving  poets as well (or more)

Each of you inspire my writing – Thank You!!!







Mike Evans


Expressive Domain

Glittering soot on her eyelashes


Shaun Masterton

Morning Star

Patty Sherry

Day worth living (a poem for jingle)

Day might be gray

may not be bright

not only based

on the look at first sight

Last night was dark

I have to say

had nothing to do

with the absence of ray

Ran to the hospital

knew things weren’t right

my child was listless

eyes had no light

There were moments

no response

could not believe

could this be my loss?

Life is a question

day in and day out

today I am grateful

so thankful

want to shout

***Today I am truly grateful to God.  I brought my girl home from the hospital.