Get the Point #poetry #photography #womenofhorror

the very point

One moment

you find me

weak, vulnerable


Circling in

tightening the knot

beneath hooded eyes


Exhalation’s drops

caught in sinister scowl

 delighting in pre-victory


My only move

I execute

straight through your heart

This poem is dedicated to all the ladies who write horror – check out the line-up over at Siren’s Call. Please Visit Blaze McRob’s blog and tell him one of the Women in Horror said “Hello”


Photograph “The Very Point”  copyright L. Moon 2013

The Knife’s Revenge #poetry

This is the knife’s echo to – “Deeper than her heart “

It had been a mere scratch on his hand that was made as he took the plunge

“her heart I tell you” he instructed the knife

“all of it”

The knife seemed to have its own will

It spared me

the poison of death

was forged into its steel

why I was spared I can only guess

but one year later

the innocuous cut upon his hand

a mere scratch

laid his body dead

the blade laughed a maniacal laugh

“for the one who took so much life shall be taken”

“be ground to dust empty hearted one”

I got an anonymous note

“we bled him dry. your healing is complete”


If I’m still on the road, don’t blame me it’s the dogs fault…

Deeper than her heart #poetry #heart

Removing the knife from her heart

blood should have poured

nothing but a drop or two

she grimaced

“He got that too?”

she could not see

nor could any diagnostic tool

the sheer will to live

coursed through her veins

he had taken everything else

the knife blade loudly clanged

this metal not fatal

“you couldnt hurt me anymore”

with a smile

she moved forward

time would heal

the gash in her side

iron will beat out the last deadly thrust that day

that beautiful knife crafted and sold at

Call Me Doctor Bone #flashfiction

I can assure you the first time happened quite by accident.

She stealthily crawled into my bed after 2 am. She should have known better.

I’m a surgeon and handle a knife deftly.

It was relatively easy after that.

Though I never looked for the opportunity,

they seemed to present themselves as worthy of my collection.

I’ve been rather sick (this past week) and have had endless hours to imagine how somebody could successfully hide remains in a basement. Doctor Bone seemed to cooperate and pop into my active imagination wonder who else is there? ( in my imagination not the basement!)

A happy first of the month of March to all of you who enjoy to read or write flash fiction. Hosting a weekly meme is work so a hearty thank you to G-Man who handles words skillfully – might I say deftly.