Share a Story #children #lifeinUganda #acholi


Between  big pages

turn little minds

fairies of every kind

watch the spark

imagination ignites

Dragons bright and dark

animals climb trees upside down

little boys’ arms are wings

no smile becomes a frown

knights get big and golden

kings big and small

words create a kingdom

giants from clouds fall

The dragon got away before I could get his picture but he left a clue behind in his big foot prints.

Never stop dreaming or imagining. By all means never stop sharing these things with a child!!!


Miss all of you. I have a morning of so I am writing after weeks. We are enjoying amazing times to teach and tell stories to Acholi children. These village children are so bright and are catching up quickly!!

Waving from Northern Uganda





Epic For You #poetry #fairytale


If I could write an epic tale

wrapped in dragon lore and knights

on a long  and misty trail

reserved for battles and  long fights

the words that I would pen

over each I’d linger long

 all my strength I’d gladly spend

to sing for you a song

If I could live an epic tale

a sojourn in the trees

long and lingering my bath

my only covering the leaves

If I could write an epic tale

replace it with a kiss

I’ve saved myself  so long

you are my sweetest wish

If only I could stop an epic tale

where you are carried out to war

I sit long in my prayers

for a knight on distant shores

If I could write an epic tale

it would carry in a storm

knock over trees in its path

end in arms, yours so warm

If I could write an epic tale

you would be in every scene

faithful to hold me as I failed

your dying fairy queen


I am finalizing a manuscript that is fantasy and knights, kings, castles. Everything I am writing seems to ooze fantasy.

Does that happen to you or can you separate out genres in your writing?