Envelop Me #poetry #photography

inside envelope

Today, I wrote a letter

tis true

sealed words so dear

but I cannot tell you here

someone might with feelings play

and cruelly give away

for those are cherished

meant for you

sealed and stuck with glue

Today I wrote a letter

tis true



The Daily Post Photo challenge is Enveloped 

One Letter at a time #reflection #shortstory

Each letter has something to say…

“Take one letter any one ”

“What if I take the wrong one?”

“You can’t they all have something to say”

With eyes closed a “T” appears

“That’s easy Thank You for Today”

a smile comes over the horizon in the shape of the sun

Mine is “H” Have a hopeful heart

Giggles rustle through the trees

“this is fun”

“Yes I thought you’d like it my child”

“C” pops up next

“Take Care and be Concerned for others”

“K” is mine she squeals”

“Kiss for mommy on the cheek”

“Hmm each of those are precious honey.”

“P” I take a thoughtful moment

“Pray honey, Praise your God never forget to say Please”

“I wont mommy” she says so grownup. “I wont forget”


Thank you God for being more than able to hold my concerns in your capable hands

I am hopeful for another day and for healing that you have promised from this cancer

May I in my own concerns never stop caring for the concerns of others

Feel me blow kisses to the wind for you and all who I love

Please give me a heart to praise you daily in song and in silence.

May my prayers be faithful for others; those many dear people who care for me and the lost.

~Love Me

Photograph “Letters” copyright L. Moon 2012