Dear Diary #writing #poetry

I lost you somewhere along the way my constant companion you caught my tears, held my fears and always listened without  copious amounts of useless advice  confidence held between your binding *** I had to suffer (we both realized) it was part of the metamorphosis the crucible set on high burning away the dross removing […]

Gone, Not Forgotten #fathersday #poetry

  Many of us have lost fathers over the years. This poem was written for those faithful dads.   Driving down the road of missing you when I see an old T-Bird I catch a tear or two *** I wasn’t old  first set of ups and downs riding life’s carousel you taught me how […]

Rug Beneath My Feet #poetry #art

How many rugs placed beneath my feet  yanked and pulled out to watch me flail and reach how many promises with half heart were made where purpose was planted and then duly unmade how many wells were left to run dry though tears were spilt and hope ran high how many rugs placed beneath my feet chose […]

YoYo #atozchallenge #poetry #photography

YoYo, What a funny word for something that rides a string all day long what about a round thing goes up and down? Life how funny and absurd round and round the circle bring when you are gone  there’s always more in the ring everyone becomes the clown * yoyo what a funny word so much […]

Look at Me #poetry #photography

you cannot  measure it, I know nor can you wield  like sword or pen tho fingers long to take, possess it’s elusive now and then aspire to  greatness, it is gone turn your back and then it stays for those out front and thespian types it dances and it plays why you so eager,  trap and grasp […]

Life’s Path #poetry #photography #Christmas

 along life’s path I picked up a pebble grateful it was not in my shoe along life’s path I picked up a smile funny thing it belonged to you! along life’s path I felt the dawn warm rays filled from within along life’s path I held a little hand attached to a child with a […]

The Quest for Life #haiku #photography #poetry

The road less travelled looking at my reflection take my first step * Take my first step grasping for life’s answers before it slips away Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem guest hosted by Maggie Grace is Vision Quest  Photography: “Reflected in the Pond” and “Between the Cracks” © L. Moon 2013

Connected #poetry #photography

Like the roots of life seeking tree the colorful threads, a tapestry we weave and sow our lives together grow what the source then is it love for ink,  joy of  pen?  does the dust from your star mingle with mine no matter how far? * we weave and sow and like friends tho far […]

Traversing Autumn’s Path #poetry #photography #loss

Her hands clasped to mine we walked along autumn’s path crunching beneath our feet the remnants of yesterday’s glory she picked up a leaf what I thought was dew was a tear “why do you cry, my love?” my eyes thoughtful “life is perishing beneath our feet we are crushing aged spring we walk the […]


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