First Light #poetry #photography #sundaydevotion

Beneath the first light

I raise my heart in supplication

lift me up Oh Lord

off my trembling knees

life’s burdens can keep me down


Beneath the first light

I raise my eyes to meet the sun

reflections of grace dance on the hillside

I am beckoned to dance

nature comes alive


Beneath the first light

I raise my voice to sing your glory

notes flutter on the breeze like butterflies

I am reminded I am free

not shackled to this world

Racing Dawn

Voyeur of the Forest #photography #poem

trees breathe life

spring gives birth to nature

a constant song


mesmerized I sit

doe cares for her speckled young

my backyard

tree haiku


Older than the trees

each year new life

ancient wisdom

Thanks to Managua Gunn who is ghost writing for Carpe Diem today.

He speaks of the forest, the life and healing there and asks that we let the forest inspire our writing.

I am fortunate to each day be inspired by the forest in my back yard.

(I spent Saturday morning watching two young very speckled fawn skipping about the back, while the mother took a snooze.)

What does the forest inspire in your creative spirit???

won’t you come and see
loneliness? Just one leaf
from the kiri tree

Cedar umbrellas, off
to Mount Yoshimo for
the cherry blossoms

and thank you for the words of Basho timeless in meaning and inspiration…


Dear Diary #writing #poetry


I lost you somewhere along the way

my constant companion

you caught my tears, held my fears

and always listened

without  copious amounts of useless advice

 confidence held between your binding


I had to suffer

(we both realized) it was part of the metamorphosis

the crucible set on high

burning away the dross

removing my misconceptions

purifying and readying


you were thrown in the fire

 charred and scarred

 ink smeared and melted

I no longer need parchment page

the memory is embossed

a permanent reminder of life’s trial


Today’s prompt at Poet’s United Mid week Motif “Diary”

My question to you: What have you lost or found in the pages of a diary?

Gone, Not Forgotten #fathersday #poetry


Many of us have lost fathers over the years. This poem was written for those faithful dads.


Driving down the road

of missing you

when I see an old T-Bird

I catch a tear or two


I wasn’t old

 first set of ups and downs

riding life’s carousel

you taught me how


I switched from trike

on foggy hills

two wheeled wobble

start of uncontrollable thrills


A ball of string

I could unwind

but the end of it

I’d never find


Love is like that

it’s up and all around

but there was always a dad

to pick me off the ground



This archived poem I am posting for Father’s Day for a man who was my father by example. Ken passed away this month and can never be replaced for the handfuls of children he  made a difference to!

Today I thought of him

brought some smiles and tears

man who walked by my side

making  adjustments

in my stride


As a child,

he was there

held the bike, nail,

and spare


Gave me words

for living well

routed my accomplishments

watched patiently when I fell


Now he’s gone.

Where do I turn?

Some days I ponder

fall back  on  what I learned


My life will always have a place

Where he belongs

I’m the person I am today

because of that man

who has gone away


la la land 099


Rug Beneath My Feet #poetry #art


How many rugs

placed beneath my feet

 yanked and pulled out

to watch me flail and reach

how many promises

with half heart were made

where purpose was planted

and then duly unmade

how many wells

were left to run dry

though tears were spilt

and hope ran high

how many rugs

placed beneath my feet

chose to remain

like a stable heart beat


My first “sketch” after not drawing for 4 months. I think I am less picky now that I’ve seen what my non-dominant hand can draw 🙂

Ever have that feeling that all the rugs in the world have one sinister mission?????

YoYo #atozchallenge #poetry #photography


YoYo, What a funny word

for something that rides a string

all day long

what about a round thing

goes up and down?

Life how funny and absurd

round and round the circle bring

when you are gone

 there’s always more in the ring

everyone becomes the clown


yoyo what a funny word

so much like life

it’s ups

it’s downs