New Light #winter #haiku #photography

a basket of grass,
and no one there, –
mountains of spring

(c) Shiki

Kristjaan at Carpe Diem is encouraging us to take this haiku by 19th century poet Shiki and reweave it.

snowy morn

covered in frost

contents lifeless and brown

inspired by the sun

Photography © L. Moon 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge – “Change” #WordPress #photography #poetry #napowrimo

Change can re-route our present and our past


I look upon this place
now touching its past
a bridge traversed
where waters ran fast
they’ve re-routed life
though they wouldn’t say
too long to wait
no time to stay

This is a photograph and poem inpsired by this week’s WordPress photochallenge – Change

Photograph: “Angles” copyright L. Moon 2013

Life Like a Rose (Thursday Poet Rally)

Each was born a small thing

not much color

sheltered and protected

until they were older


she soaked in light and heat

they made her strong

so she could face the world

and show her face

someday soon


her little sister

kept from the light

thinking it would cause pain

she only knew cold


as she began to open

a layer of beauty

and color was revealed

she felt the morning dew

against her skin


the sister by now afraid

thought” how can I face the world?”

would life and love be too harsh

for this little protected one?


the morning of glory came

in radiant beauty

she held her head high

before the world and sun’s light

soft , delicate, yet strong


the sister remained sheltered

fearful for her sister

and the pain

she must endure

for loveliness she knew

must pay a price


he chose her for himself

embracing her in his hands

she felt love as he drew breath

he took her loveliness in

she was complete


the little bud

too weak to glow and bloom

a dry sad face

never to know beauty

never to be embraced

in the hands of a lover