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Day’s End #photography #poetry


rain and thunder

Rain drops collide with mid afternoon heat

thunder’s timpani roll  in loud rumbles

the conductor excitedly increases the tempo

light flashes as the cymbals strike

leaves clap their hands

trees bow in deference

the moon’s light brightens the sky

nature hushes waiting for a silvery banquet

fire flies approach the dance floor

spinning their partners in charged ecstasy

summer beads off my brow as I watch day’s end

leaf drop

Haiku · Photography

Sweeping my porch #haiku #photography

summer's edge

sweeping my porch

thunder claps while  lightening points

reveal what I missed

Our third Carpe Diem Special by Jane Reichhold is today’s prompt. For this Special Kristjaan has chosen a haiku of Summer.His hope is that her haiku will give   inspiration to write a haiku in the same sense, tone and Spirit as the one by Jane.

sweeping the porch
bright prints of raindrops

followed by splashes

~Jan Reichhold


photograph: Summer’s Edge © L.  Moon 2012


One shot Wednesday · One Stop Poetry

Desperate Run #oneshotwednesday #poetry

It was  all a bit too haunting

clouds off the Black Sea coast

an evening to remember

each thing carefully selected by our host

lulled by Russian stories

from a war long ago

enjoying new friendships

so much we wanted to know

The storm came in a fury

we dined in an elegant tent

winds were upon us

the canvas torn and rent

Our host had seen such terror

in the youth of his life

as he looked upon his dearest

I saw him fear for her life

This tent could not protect us

but where were  we to go

unto an open field

heeled legs burdensome and slow

No light to guide

except from pitch black sky

running in no direction

lightening tendrils did magnify

It Came down right before me

blasting the energy box

sparks lept before us

we thought that she was lost

Don’t ask me  all that  happened

that frightening stormy night

I fail to remember

all the horrors in our flight

A storm in a country

we didn’t call our own

we couldn’t speak the language

it certainly wasn’t home

but this I will remember

of that storm of that time

he saved us each from danger

this brave new friend of mine

Join us for One Shot Wednesday an opportunity to share your poetry with a community of excellent writers.


Life’s Storm #poetry

A storm came in today

it seems like it’s come to stay

Wind and rain

rumbling dramatic flash

storm raged

when will this pass?

please give up

let’s stop the fight

when did our life become a storm

when did you become so forlorn

I love you

please don’t give up

hold my hand one more time

tho no longer little

it still fits in mine


Joe Naylor caught this storm perfectly:http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandora_6666/2613729479/


All That’s Left … #poetry

Hold your hand out – do you feel it?

Tentative drops

The first sign of the storm

Look up as they begin to cascade

falling freely faster

black clouds swirl in the stratosphere

sounds  terrify and thrill

pounding grows nearer shaking the air

light slashes through the sky marking its spot

tumult of water unstoppable

elements compete against each other to create a cacophony of sound

Will darkness ever be dispelled?

A silent interlude

Clouds hear their cue move along their path

yellow rays glow

flowers lift their faces once more

looking down you see a puddle

reflecting the end

all that’s left of me…


Thanks to Marcin Kargol for the great shot http://www.flickr.com/photos/powazny/3782692376


At a Loss

Thank you my friend
for blue sunlit days
puffy white clouds
dancing as they play

Please could you send
a little less clear
add something gray
take away the cheer

let’s add rumbling

crack of lightning

suits my dark mood
can’t be more frightening

anguish of my heart

tempo please try

tumults pour forth
sorrow from my eyes