A Lover’s Face #poetry #photography #nature

Is she not beautiful…

Her beauty blooms over me

a sighing red lipstick kiss

I am caught

gazing upon your blushing smile

the heat rises as I ponder

“Can such beauty be held in a mortal’s fingertips?

will my touch cause her to brown and wither?”

I dare not risk the sacrifice

I entreat “Never turn your face”

I remain content

Imagining the silk like fluttering

graze against a waiting lover’s lips


Inspired by the beauty of this lovely hibiscus I had to write a poem in her honor.

Photograph:”Hibiscus Beauty” copyright 2012 L. Moon

The Final Call #poem

Look at the stage

for the final bow

as the cast says adieu

to the last show


Look into the sky

as the last of the sparks

on the forth of July

fall to the ground


Look in the lake

smooth as glass

as the ripple

circles its last


Look in the eyes

of a lover

the tear that falls

on the final goodbye

Photograph: Geir Yngve Tro http://www.flickr.com/photos/40066970@N08/4143208230/