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A Lover’s Face #poetry #photography #nature

Is she not beautiful…

Her beauty blooms over me

a sighing red lipstick kiss

I am caught

gazing upon your blushing smile

the heat rises as I ponder

“Can such beauty be held in a mortal’s fingertips?

will my touch cause her to brown and wither?”

I dare not risk the sacrifice

I entreat “Never turn your face”

I remain content

Imagining the silk like fluttering

graze against a waiting lover’s lips


Inspired by the beauty of this lovely hibiscus I had to write a poem in her honor.

Photograph:”Hibiscus Beauty” copyright 2012 L. Moon

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Looking for… ( #poetry)

Seeking approval of…

a lover

a friend

an intellect



no one to…


into my eyes

at the stars

into my soul


Tell me…

I’m talented

speak words of




Won’t someone share…

life with me





Come write a …


a treatise

a legacy

a love song

with me


Please find me…