Halloween #haiku #photography




Sunny disposition

someone wants to cut you

Hide your  face


small orange pumpkin icon

Places to hide

any mask take your choice

just for one night

The Carpe Diem time glass prompt is Halloween. We are given a window of time to construct a haiku. The sands of time are running…

The Scarecrow’s Mask #haiku #photography


The goal of the Tan Renga Challenge is to write a second stanza to the first stanza (the haiku by Garry Gay) to complete the Tan Renga. You may use the classical syllables count, ( first stanza is 5-7-5 second stanza is 7-7) but it isn’t necessary.

Halloween night

the fisherman

dressed as a scarecrow

~Garry Gay

unable to face the world

without a mask

Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem is inspired by Gary Gay’s Halloween Night.

Breaking Up #flashfiction

when living in the box has worn out its welcome where do we go?

It had all gotten so old

conforming had never been my style

I liked self expression

using the broad brush to make my statement

they had pushed me too far

I am after all human

I squeezed into this box for too long

I am getting out of said box and creating a new me

Thank you to G-Man who each week gives us a place to come as ourselves. Happy 55 all!

Photograph – I wish I had someone to attribute to this photo as it was found in public domain

Hollow Reality #flash fiction

Reality can hit hard superficiality of the world harder. Does anyone not wear a mask?

The room was filled with smiling faces
Each appeared so sincere
Every eye filled with laughter
“Why do I feel out-of-place?” she wondered
It seemed every where she went she never belonged
Then by chance she happened to see a placard on her way out
“leave your masks at the door when you leave!”

Thanks to G-Man @ http://g-man-mrknowitall.blogspot.com ( sorry my hyperlink isnt working)who always throws a great party over at his place. Bring your words  no more than 55 tho. Masks are optional

Thank You to Carlos Castillo for the fantastic photo!!! Please enjoy other work by him. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chato/30622339/