Memorial for Love

That love I held for you

etched a place on my sleeve

it clung never leaving

it hoped for you

waited for your smile

You didn’t come back

’til it was – too late

“time moves  quickly”

you flashed your grin

feelings still there

sparked to a flame

love at this juncture

would have only caused pain


is it possible

the best place for our love

floating on the waves

like a memorial

when a loved one goes away

so this I do

place my love on the waves

you’ll understand

that’s where my heart lives

if you see her stop and smile

please don’t linger – dear

don’t want you to

ever feel – the pain

thanks for photo of the memorial roses: Mike Baird

You are gone

We said goodbye

just yesterday

but you were

already gone


You left us with

some final thoughts

so much

to reflect upon

I know that you are

high indeed

flying above

and beyond

A love for you

it’s source will be

a love

to depend on

Photos : Lic Creative Commons

Gigi 62

Cyril Breton

FdeComite 7