Entrance of Dawn #poetry #photography

Lover’s play as the sun anticipates awakening the dawn…

Black Velvet Impressionistic

Midnight’s shadow

lingers on her fingertips

Like the gentle caress of black velvet

lips brush a kiss upon night’s curtain


She readies her dress

a whisper “not ready though”

Dawn’s rays beckon in a soft halo

slowly day warms her palm


I must delay  the eyelids of the sun

“Wait just a bit longer” she implores

My surprise for you

will otherwise be ruined


Humored he complies

With a radiant smile

Imagining her allure all the while

silhouetted in the satiny pink of dawn


Photograph: ” Impressionistic Black Velvet” copyright L. Moon 2012

Just another Script #flashfiction

What do writers do late at night? Can their stories become too real???


It was midnight

It had to be a moonless night or the story wouldn’t work.

There was a screeching noise in the darkness

“what is making that sound?” she shivered

“It’s just me” she heard the cold clammy hand slap on her back.

“That’s good” she smiled “I love it when my scripts come together. Who’s that???”


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