Lost in the Mist #poetry #photoprompt


A dark mist swirls about her feet

her fervent calls return to her

that which she has lost she must find

a dark mist swirls about her feet

forward she trods to the unknown

without that which she loves she is lost

A dark mist swirls about her feet

something white breaks through

now in hope they can find home

The picture prompt from Picture it and Write was too enticing to turn up.


Misty Images (#poetry)

Thick, grey pre-dawn mist

creeps along

a barren topography

soil depleted

of summer’s abundance

brown, yellow,red

reminders of sweet fruits


a form emerges through the mist

strength in his stride

strong, capable hands

tenor tones that float in my mind

the curl of those lips

forms a…


Was that you in the mist?

Did our fingers talk

in undertones of love?

Was there knowing

in each expression

or did the mist

create a mirage

in my heart?

Photo: “Pre-Dawn Mist” Moondustwriter

Lights Go OUT (One Shot Wenesday)

When the lights go low

what do you Fear?

Do things creep and crawl?

Is emptiness nothing at all?


What consumes your mental abyss

is it a dungeon of doubt

groping hands

in the mist?


Perhaps the knowledge

that you  seek

in the marshes

just a peek


A forbidden fury

is there a lack

don’t go searching

don’t look back


When the lights go low

will you scream and shout?

will you quietly expire?


there’s  some doubt

No doubt that this will be a great week for poetry! Please join us at One Shot Wednesday for some fun and gruesome poems.

Thanks to Alexander Bogen for this rather dark trail


Nature’s Haven

Listen to the wind in the trees

smell the fresh earth

sense life with each touch

it’s alive

creatures peer into a clearing

trout race against time

air envelopes with her mist

sun penetrates with his warmth

night lurks with a dark presence

mountains stand in welcome

offer peace

a haven to the weary wanderer

Thanks for the mystical scene Steve Weaver (Lic. Creative Commons)