To Her Who Shines Bright #MothersDay #poetry

Orange sun is setting

 too few memories

I look in her garden

even bugs will do

so little remains

my little rose is gone

even tree stumps decayed

hidden in waxy green

I find her smiling face

Camillia pink blush

I want to inhale

one remnant of us

To Mothers everywhere who plant seeds in the hearts of children.

Happy Mothers Day

Stuck in the Middle #FlashFiction

I look around

no clear view

I’m a captive

I can’t see past this wall

Is it bright outside?

Is it dark?

Voices mumble in my ears.

Nothing is very clear.

Please give me just one view past these walls.

I have surrendered

to the pyramid

of cereal boxes and milk bottles.

I’m a mom!

Once again it is Friday a time to ply your skills at deftly writing a story in 55 words (no more – no less). A great group of people to write with – hosted by the sagacious G-Man.

thanks to Tim Schapker for the awesome photo – you must know how I feel at times

Just Hail the Taxi (I mean mom)


to school

to the


back again

you forgot



I might have


but what I really

need is

a test

to see if

I am still



What hamster

running in a wheel


take a


and squeal


The only thing


from me

is the sound

of my



My poor


look and freeze

while praying

dear God

stop her