Lions and …. Monkeys “Oh My” #uganda #atozchallenge

“Here kitty kitty”

I whisper from my seat

looking very un-edible

I don’t rise to my feet

I can hear her breathe

she waits still for her prey

her whiskers flick

not staying to play


Monkeys watch from the road

they will jump on your car

if you aren’t careful

they’ll be nearer than far


We enjoyed being a few feet away from the lioness. I was glad we were in a very large truck.

We were told not to provoke the monkeys (small and large). From our boat, we watched  a group of tourists (where we had been earlier in the day) being circled by baboons.


I continue to enjoy the A to Z challenge tho I got behind because of travel.

Photo of the lioness taken by my friend and host John Pipes.



The Monkey with the Cymbals #flashfiction

It had always been her favorite toy when she was a small child.

She would clap her hands in singular delight as the tiny cymbals came together.

When she was old enough

her grandmother told her of the mysterious disappearance of her grandfather.

The girl noticed the monkey had a singular grin as the cymbals…

I got a last minute ticket to the final dress rehearsal of the local production of Phantom. My daughter is in the show so I am thrilled! Please join the folks who write an array of classic fiction in 55 words at G-Man’s Place.