Piece of my heart

Look in my eyes Right from the start one thing that is left a piece of my heart * Little remains All torn apart Given it all you see? That’s my heart * what should I do make a new start What will you do? Break up my heart * Maybe too late To worryContinue reading “Piece of my heart”

Those Blue Eyes Too Much to Handle

Those blue eyes it was all I could do to keep my head down or trouble would brew *** Those men with blue eyes can drive me to drink guess that’s better than not being able to think *** My knees are shaking my pulse is off course those eyes of his he knows areContinue reading “Those Blue Eyes Too Much to Handle”

Promising Poets Award

An Award for you!!! For you my faithful friends the world of poetry weaves and wends garden of words we can depend let us rise open the gate to this special world and celebrate by Moondustwriter Jingle always has the best awards. Constantly striving to encourage poets I am grateful for the following folks andContinue reading “Promising Poets Award”

Love Hurts ( losing a friend to cancer)

Romantic at Heart I am a romantic at heart so my poet friends tell me. I never really thought about it before. Something I do know about myself is that I pour my life into lives that are suffering, hurting. I’m a nurse so I guess it helps to have a big heart – sometimes.Continue reading “Love Hurts ( losing a friend to cancer)”


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