Believe #atozchallenge #poetry #photography

This month I am joining with a host of talent who are participating in the A to Z challenge.  What a treat when you bring artisans together. I Believe in the beauty of all the arts.

Hear birds soft trill

believe in nature’s call

Watch the eagle’s elegant flight

believe in the wind

Touch the soft velvet petal

believe in new awakenings

Open your eyes to the dawn

believe in the Sun

Smile at birth’s first cry

believe in life’s wonder

Tingle at a finger tip touch

believe in new beginnings

Laugh at  childhood’s silliness

believe in mirth

Kiss passion’s lips

believe in love’s warmth

Dance under the moon

believe in life’s seasons

Laugh til you drop

believe in friendship

Hold another’s tear

believe life has its reasons…

To Live

This photograph was taken in my backyard. I believe even moss can be beautiful.  Taken with my iphone copyright L. Moon 2011