To Her Who Shines Bright #MothersDay #poetry

Orange sun is setting

 too few memories

I look in her garden

even bugs will do

so little remains

my little rose is gone

even tree stumps decayed

hidden in waxy green

I find her smiling face

Camillia pink blush

I want to inhale

one remnant of us

To Mothers everywhere who plant seeds in the hearts of children.

Happy Mothers Day

Fleurs for Mother’s Day #poetry #mom #mothersday

Her smile gives me cause to grin

I’d pick a handful of every fragrance

put them in a vase

make the perfect card

she’d remember my silly face

with cake batter hands

making her a mother’s day surprise

catching laughter in her eyes

swallowing up mother’s day memories again


I couldn’t ruin flowers in a vase but I certainly ruined many a mother’s day cake.

What memories do you hold of Mother’s Day with your mother or as a mother?

Wishing all mothers and the Poetry Pantry Folks

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

Flower Child #photography #poetry #mothersday

water child

A silent offering

 made before you can form words

a dance between your face

colored flecks of bliss


Little fingers filled with offering

no words necessary

love fills your eyes

daisy fairy princess


A never ending offering

 from generation to the next

sweet daisies in your grasp

they match your yellow dress

little daisies

What would Mother’s day be without children?

This poem is for the children of our heart who pick flowers when they think of us.

The prompt for today at Poet’s United – Children

“The gain is not the having of children; it is the discovery of love and how to be loving.”

~Polly Berrien Berands

A Garden of Love #mother’sday #mothers #haiku #flowers

hibiscus beauty

A woman’s love

open gift for her children

nothing in return


nothing in return

sacrifice by the plenty

fragrant flower


fragrant flower

reminds me of her garden

where love always blooms


In tribute to women the world over who have made this globe a better place to live because of their gift of love and example to their children.

Thanks to Kristjaan at Carpe Diem who has encouraged us to offer our haiku – simple words to those who have done so much.


Photography: “Hibicus Beauty” copyright L. Moon 2012

“Yellow Rose Pink Kissed” L. Moon 2011

God Molded A Child #mothersday

a bit of laughter

a touch of spunk

He mixed in some boy

with some other stuff

and last he added

a handful of love

this boy was sent

~a gift from God above

A tribute to all mothers who have big boys, little boys, and  oh those girls!  We cherish each day we see our child’s smiles and the miles of tears we shed – all in a day’s work.