The Pinnacle #poetry


petals in the snow

It was at this peak

for the first time

I found love

cool, crisp were your lines

my first solo climb

off the precipice

I jumped

into empty lies

carving into moguls

some shallow some deep

rose petals in the  powder

you could hear the beat

the foolish heart

seeks for occupation

breaking my leg

pain not soon forgotten

strength has all but failed

for my encore traverse

the pinnacle breached

life’s fall rehearsed


final blueprints

plans fall into place others fail

on a pinnacle


Poet’s United prompt is Mountain.  My  cryptic symbols reflect life on the end of a Pinnacle.




Small Mountain Dawning #haiku #photography #carpediem


Over the hill’s crest

sun rays burst into day

between me and you


between me and you

all seasons fall away

springing forth anew


springing forth anew

patterns drawn pink and blue skies

pastel memories

Carpe Diem haiku prompt for today is Small Mountain. There are so many delightful prompts and people come join us in the land of haiku.

Photograph: “Ribbons in the Dawn” copyright L. Moon 2013