What Makes Your Day? #nablopomo #poetry #photography


Rising with the day

Reaching past the dawn

writing you haiku

with images I play

connected to the keys

sketchbook in one hand

the pictures of our lives

leaves in my coffee land

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is “Habits.”  What habits are part of your day???

I guess since I just hit the 1300 post mark I will need to celebrate (with a cup of coffee)

Photography © images by L. Moon 2013

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Painting Dawn #poetry #nablopomo #photography

dawn yokhil

Dawn peers beyond my fingertips

gently I caress your form

on your contours I ply paint

creating a masterpiece


Breaking over the horizon

you take my breath away

sudden rays of merging color

I hold on to purple


Awakened by the light

you turn to grasp me

sleepy green- eyed smile 

finger -painting the landscape of a new day

Desert-of-Sleeping-Men – Carl Warer

The prompt over at Verse First at Poet’s United is: The Body Becomes the Landscape. Looking at the photographic mastery of Carl Warner it is easy to believe.  I’m taking the contours of an early dawn landscape that could easily be a human form as my inspiration for this poem.

Keep Your Head #flashfiction #nablopomo


Just past the doors, there was something going on. There were deliveries of crates day and night.

One delivery guy got lost and walked into a  room full of male statues.

“I guess it’s gonna be a museum.” He scratched his head.

“Put him up over the lintel of the front door,” she smiled lustfully at the handsome face of Hermes.

“His head seems to hold up the building,” one passerby remarked.

He wanted to write home to Pericles, “Be careful, my young friend, never to piss off a Roman goddess. They need one of us to lead Athens.”


Pericles and Hermes shared two things: they were both Greek and they were both orators. Neither seemed able to keep their head…


This week’s prompt takes a classical bent Rochelle the curator at Friday Fictioneers.

Photography courtesy of: Al Forbes and Ancient History.about .com

The Places you go #reading #nablopomo #poetry


If you could be a character

from any time in history

who would you be?

Would you drive elephants

over the Pyrenees?

Would you a beautiful woman be

running a powerful country?


Would you write of grand and small

of rivers boats and boys

perform in city’s hall

travel the world to see it all

would photography be your call

of waters mighty fall

Yosemite grandeur’s tall


Ride a ship deep into space

a child’s literary hero

though none knows your face

chart a journey to a distant place

under water worlds that none can trace

a man, a woman in a race

around the globe in 80 days


All the things you see

the characters as one

“take not that path,” you plead

as you endeavor books to read

fingers, eyes do lead

never enough stories to feed

the imagination’s greed

The suggested prompt for Nablopomo today is what character would you be? As an avid reader since I was a young child, I would say the character in the book I am presently reading (historical or fictional). What about you. Who would you be?

Photo-challenge: Eerie #photography #poetry

Dawn’s  peering like a specter

catch first glimpse of a new day

she slow unveils her splendor

plies fog’s greyish mist away

gold beauty no contender

warmth rolls in like the waves

dawn becomes now night’s defector

day wrapped in her love’s rays

The photo challenge prompt for this week at Word Press Daily Post is Eerie. WordPress has joined up with Blogher for the month


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