I Dream at Night #poetry


Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things

that escape those who dream only at night

Edgar Allan Poe

dark waters



Yearning for hot sea breeze

 eyes peer in the darkness

where only the moon sees

 deep is the awakening

curling of rouge wet lips

pressed against my own

caught in desire starlit

the waves rushing onward

hands hold me beneath the tide

where I gasp for air

longing to drown by your side


The prompt for the Midweek Motif at Poet’s United is “Night” .

Who doesn’t need a bit of hot spice on a summer’s night?

Behind Night’s Curtain #photography #Lincoln #poetry


The stage is set, actors on stage

and by act two, the bullet placed

a president falls, the curtain too

tonight’s theater, the scene will do

The prompt for this week DP photography challenge was Night and photography taken at night. It is not easy to shoot photography with an iphone at night. These two shots – the curtain drawn and the “house” of Ford’s Theater just to the right of where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Lover’s Dance #valentine #poetry #photography

love me calla

Gentle mist upon my forehead

covers me with diamond dew

fragrant kisses call me softly

velvet points our pas de deux

Let us dance upon the four winds

impassioned lovers take our cue

when night’s curtain is a falling

dearest, hold me near to you

Photography:”Love me Calla” copyright 2012 L. Moon

I had to pull an archived romantic poem for lovers today!

Dream Another Night Away #Valentine #DuetPoetry

She is in his dreams dancing lightly across his sighs

closer than a whisper warming his heart

waking his need to dance with love

they dance to the soft sounds of night

spinning with the stars above and the lights in her eyes


Desire awakening with each kiss

perfection in each fluid move

finding endless hope in cosmic display

lover’s plight to only meet at night

days spent dreaming of the lover missed


Their rival daylight

in darkness ecstasy takes flight

tantalizing essence mesmerizes and captivates

lovers intertwined in a feast of senses

exploring the infinite horizons of joy so right


They revel in a world never fraught with pain

seize one last lingering kiss before dawn

walking in a daze until they dream another night away

eyes close reminding him of

stormy currents turbulent plains



…and a Tanka Attempt for One Stop Poetry Form


(For Each of you dear folks I have met through blogging and One Stop Poetry – A Tanka Valentine)

I look at your names

A smile then comes to my face

memories and more

You have each made my life full

so in my heart theres a place

to each of you love and More

Thank you for letting my friend Sean Vessey and myself  share another of our poetry duets with you. Each line is a response to the other ~ the duet (above) is sung from the heart to honor each of you dear people who bring such joy to our lives – Happy Valentine’s Day.

photos Courtesy of Creative Commons


Awakened by a dream #poetry

In the darkest hour of  night

when sleep had its strongest grasp

under the silvery glow

of a radiant moon

if you listened you would hear

a  soft fluttering

gentle steps

as she quietly slipped in


she neither needed nor wanted

more than the moon

she found what she sought

a chest barely rising and falling

up turned lips lit by the ripple of light

endeared to her dreamer

her hands painting on a warm canvas


In a startle, his eyes opened


It was she

his dream

she was all he could think of when awake

she always came in his deepest sleep

their dance was magical

only witnessed by the moon


she slipped out quietly

contented sigh exhaled

his lips relished the memory

another perfect dream

“Jusqu’ à la prochaine fois” she whispered

as she tiptoed into the night

Thanks for joining us for another week of One Shot Wednesday. One Stop Poetry strives to be a community where poets can gather encouragement and inspiration from each other. Please enjoy!!!


Yes the One Stop Poetry team was there (cyberly speaking)

Nature’s Haven

Listen to the wind in the trees

smell the fresh earth

sense life with each touch

it’s alive

creatures peer into a clearing

trout race against time

air envelopes with her mist

sun penetrates with his warmth

night lurks with a dark presence

mountains stand in welcome

offer peace

a haven to the weary wanderer

Thanks for the mystical scene Steve Weaver (Lic. Creative Commons)


Written in Moon Dust

As I shake last night from my head

Remembering the depth of the moon light

Her glowing tendrils of hair reflect gold

lips speak – a whisper in my ear

my heart with her is never cold

she leaves an aura behind

feeling she will be back

to hold me in her arms

beam love into my hands

I think about her beauty

from the inside out

her words are dear

she leaves me a note

“I love you”

Thanks to Earnst Vikne for the photo

Moon Smile ( a poem by my friend Shaun)

Ache in the walking legs

Long day coming to a conclusion

Night claws you into darkness

Moon is your best friend

It smiles upon your journey

Thrilled to guide you home

Cheeky grin upon the face

You made the moon laugh

Moon shifts its location

Just trying to get comfortable

Home is on the radar

Met with a moon smile

The moon enjoyed your journey

Now time to say goodnight

this beautiful poem is crafted by Shaun Masterton

Thanks to Voobie for the Photo

Close as a whisper

He pulled her close

held her tight

desiring eyes

unveiled mysteries

whispered in the night


what she felt there

rapturous delight

opened his heart

each touch so light


planets aligned

winds  blew

the universe understood

while their love grew


Oneness they were making

giving hearts -never taking

he in her arms

she lost in his charms

Thank you for the beautiful photo: jtravism “rio de aguila’

(License- Creative Commons)

Day worth living (a poem for jingle)

Day might be gray

may not be bright

not only based

on the look at first sight

Last night was dark

I have to say

had nothing to do

with the absence of ray

Ran to the hospital

knew things weren’t right

my child was listless

eyes had no light

There were moments

no response

could not believe

could this be my loss?

Life is a question

day in and day out

today I am grateful

so thankful

want to shout

***Today I am truly grateful to God.  I brought my girl home from the hospital.