Beneath the Tree #2 #Christmas #children #abuse #poetry

winter alley lights

No matter the age

some children anticipate

waiting and hoping

for the Christmas binge


a luring hinge

No matter the age

some children know

the contrast between dark and light

snow angels sugary crunch

while snow demons

take what they want

No matter the age

some children experience

cold fingers grasp

tender necks flop

the prayers rise

“make this nightmare stop”

No matter the age

some children awake

Christmas day a shamble

bottles of booze clash

gifts that they stood in line for hours

hocked last night for cash



These days this child looks forward to Peace at Home,Good Will toward for next generation.

I decided to write a series of poems in (sad) contrast to the traditional Christmas. This is written from the insider’s vantage point.

Awaken Me #poetry #photography

a new year 035

I lay here

cold and solitary

life passes by

I too inert to cry


Free once

to laugh and sing

 formed of sinew and bone

I now a mindless stone


“Where do you go?”

I call as they pass

you eddy and whirr

I dream to  momentarily stir


no use

I never can drift

with a meaningless sigh

once again I close my eyes


This poem is symbolic of my blogging state today. I am frozen and for some unknown reason can’t change a post I needed to reschedule. So I, like the stone, watch the words go by and I have little control.

… More than a bad dream #centussat #halloween

what is darkness to you? Do you welcome it? Do you fear it?

Cannot feel

no air to breathe

closed in on all sides

no one whispering “it will be alright”

this darkness more than a bad dream


Thanks to Jenny Matlock for this challenge she gave us all black and 25 words to give you a jump!!! Don’t look behind you!!!


Rap and thud- slap and strike

perfect cadence of harshness and spite

“it doesn’t hurt” she wailed at him

“do your worst” reply seemed glib


not much  to strike -torn flesh was all

tears were burning, feelings raw


she woke – a scream  fear and sweat

this dreadful dream- help me forget

she pleaded -willed it  not to start

” Please -STOP!  Flogging my heart”

Photo by: Paul Tomlin