7 Days of Christmas #poetry #Christmas

painted christmas ball

Yes, We were very poor

that wasn’t quite the half

but we  through the year met other’s needs

we walked on gratitude’s path

A young couple, we chose this life

to serve the very least

so we understood their daily lives

holidays without a feast

My son was just a little guy

I think he was five or six

with another sister on the way

but a brother he would have picked

“There’s nothing left but bills this year

no Christmasn or a tree

but there is plenty in our hearts

to serve others who have need”

“Dear God,”

he spoke to a big unknown

“there’s nothing you should bring

but for my little sister here

please give her little girl things”

and so one Sunday years ago

it started off the week

my pastor put into my hands

a check I couldn’t speak

he didn’t know how dear it was

eighteen hundred dollars did we need

or the house in which we lived in

we would lose it and the deed

That night I offered my own prayer

“Dear God I have so much to say

but I lay this in your hands

our needs would fill a page or two

we have a little one on the way

I thank you thank you for this gift

we’ll put it toward the bills

I cannot ask more for myself

I rest in your loving will…”



You’ve heard of the twelve days of Christmas.

One year our family had a miracle that lasted 7 days.

I won’t break each day down though I must say that daily I cried in joyful amazement.

Monday part two…