Orchid #haiku #Photography

petals velvet smooth

reaching up toward the sun

your smile welcomes home


your smile welcomes home

elegant dress for the night

outlined by the moon

Today’s prompt at Chevrefeuille is Orchid – the elegant flower of fall 

Please link to this  poem I wrote (one year ago) about two orchids who thought they were swans,

Photography:  Smiling Orchid © L. Moon 2013

Beauty in Life #photography #poetry

Effortless beauty in each movement

gliding with barely a ripple

content as graceful creatures

they float life’s stream as one

he gallantly leads the way

too late to change course

he withers and falls off his perch

he can no longer keep afloat

“catch me for I cannot swim”

he cannot for he realizes they never were swans

they rest content in their dried blossom state

Photograph “Swan Orchids”  copyright L. Moon 9/2012

Life less #pain #love #poetry

“yes I feel it too”

I said to no one

in caged, abysmal loneliness

every foot -step echoed a cadenced

“no turning back”

“all is gone”

“where did love go?”

“was it ever?”

when he looked in my eyes

did he embrace another?

daily I flogged my heart

that I might feel

for numbness had become

my closest ally

(friends had all but fled)

“what if death became

my final offering?”

it would have been your moment of celebratory height

(you play the martyr well)

now through this pain  encased

I feel again

I raise my cracked crystal glass

(ironically a wedding present)

“YES -I will live!!!”

you will need to find victory

in another’s destruction

for my life is worth more than that alabaster vase

you purchased for my remains

“Beauty’s End” photograph copyright L. Moon 2012