I Will Tango Tonight #New Year #2012 #flashfiction

A ball will fall

Happy- my lips will linger on

one who offers me

a dance

caring little for what I wear

what matters

the heat on our breath

 New is our tango

lower me to the ground

smell my eau de chaud

I  taste your latte

This Year

come in alone

but leave…

and as we see another year out an applause of thanks is given to Mr Know it All who manages to host a fantastic Flash Fiction every Friday and has done so for more than 4 years. Happy 2012 to All!!!

Gone to the deers ( a #Christmas #FlashFiction)

On Dasher, Oh Dancer

No Comet, Stop Cupid!

Vixen your’e acting ..

Dash it -This Christmas  party has gone to the deers

Blitzed reindeer can’t fly

Get me the Dogs!!!!

Join in the Flash Fiction fun at Monkey Man’s place. More fun than a barrel of… well you know we do “it”  in 160 characters

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Life of the Party (Flash Friday)

You have so much pent up energy, life and pizzazz.

You are the life of every party.

You sparkle and you glisten.

Many will be mesmerized by your inexplicable charm and beauty.

The most finely dressed men hold you with honor as they set you down, carefully open you, pop the cork, and say cheers.

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