All That’s Left … #poetry

Hold your hand out – do you feel it?

Tentative drops

The first sign of the storm

Look up as they begin to cascade

falling freely faster

black clouds swirl in the stratosphere

sounds  terrify and thrill

pounding grows nearer shaking the air

light slashes through the sky marking its spot

tumult of water unstoppable

elements compete against each other to create a cacophony of sound

Will darkness ever be dispelled?

A silent interlude

Clouds hear their cue move along their path

yellow rays glow

flowers lift their faces once more

looking down you see a puddle

reflecting the end

all that’s left of me…


Thanks to Marcin Kargol for the great shot http://www.flickr.com/photos/powazny/3782692376

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Through the Portal… #OneShotWednesday

Look with me through that portal there

A world where the sun never sets

Light scintillates playfully on crystal clear waters

New life springs forth ~ a prism of beauty and vigor


Look with me at the wonders of life

hands laced offering comfort and strength

sweet melodic words caught in the breeze

unceasing devotion spoken with sparkling eyes


Look with me at a vibrant love

slipping between the fabric of unquenched desire

passion is caught never let go

a magnificent beat echos in two hearts


Come with me to that place

where the sun never sets on our love

catch me and never let me go

know love in eyes that say “forever yours”

this is where I want to be


I will extend two invitations today. One to our growing poetry site at One Stop Poetry. We welcome poets to share their work and get feedback.


The second to read the prologue of my novel The Quest for Titan co-authored with Sean Vessey. I have collaborated in the past – when it works the words flow. Sean is a fantastic person to share ideas with ~ this novel is writing itself ( practically).

Thanks to each of you for your support, encouragement and inspiration – you keep me going each day as a writer.


The Portal Photo is from a special place a “portal in time” kind of place ~Golden Gate Park by Orin Zebest  http://www.flickr.com/photos/orinrobertjohn/3081966712

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A Moment in Time… (A Poem)

Going back in time…

I close my eyes

dreaming that you

are mine


For a moment in time…

I place my fingertips

softly on your



For this time…

I whisper your name

in the pouring



When time stood still…

we became

part of each other

as one


For all time…

you are mine

and I am


Thanks to Ian for the timeless photograph//www.flickr.com/photos/ian_munroe/4059831412/sizes/m/in/photostream/

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After all these years

I read your words

and wonder now

we made it

all these years

apart – somehow


Hot and crazy

we two weren’t we?

our passion soared

and set us free


Many times

I’ll  gaze at the stars

the dreams we dreamed

we dream no more


I slowly turn

and wonder

what was it made you

chose to go?


It’s history now

so I digress

you were the best

first lover

that memorable kiss

Theme Thursday

Tainted by Passion (Theme Thursday)

Her lips quivered with a desire for him.

He was gone but the memories were not.

She re-lived the moment over and over.

“Why did he go?”  She would cry in her dreams.

‘We were suited for each other from the start.”

The passion they shared was life-giving.

Everything they did had a spark.

It was true – they loved the same things.

It had started as a friendship.

Hand and hand they explored the world together –

looking at life with the eyes of a child.

Each day a new adventure- exciting and fresh.


A door swung open one day.

He saw the light in her eyes;

she felt the strength in his arms.

She loved hearing him call her name;

he loved her endeared caress.

They loved living each moment passionately together.

Each experience more treasured than the last.


Then it happened on a cold wet night –

playing the odds on a dark mountain road.

White lights blinded him;

they hit the curve and lost control.

“Baby you’re wearing this tonight,” he had said as he buckled her in.

That night while she was snugly bound in his car;

he was flung into a void.

He breathed his last;

she breathed her last of real life too.

She saw his fiery eyes that spring morning

when their son took their first breath.


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