The Pawn #poetry #chess #selfimportance

Low man on the totem pole

you only move one space

you live in anonymity

without even a face


strive against the elements

success is but a plan

each, every tiny move

one square against the man


a lonely and exhausting job

this game against the odds

work it’s cut out for you

like running with the dogs


digging into dirt and grime

strong footing in the dust

I think I can, I think I can

move forward is a must


little did the strong man know

wise pawns can achieve

when the king has lost his throne

supplanted then achieve





I Fooled Around #poetry #photography

the fool

Better the fool

than the friend

pouring over hours

wasted you spend

better the fool

than the ear

you’re unneccessary

that is clear

Better the fool

than the lover

where deceit is found

under the covers

better the fool

than to be left

of feelings

you’d be bereft

better the fool

than to discover

you were pawn

never the lover

Today’s prompt for Poet’s United “Motif” Is Fool.