Fenced In #poetry #writing #photography

sepia barbed

held back

unbroken spirit lassoed

chomping on life taking bit

unable to run free

held back

sails luffing

reaching in futility

winds just beyond reach

held back

hands restrained in shackles

prisoner of fate

thrashing brings pain

held back

creative connection broken

thoughts flail for conduit

inkless lies my pen

Today marks week five of nine weeks that I am casted and braced. One single index finger does my bidding until it too lies impotent from the pain.

Death by Pen #poetry #writing


Death by pen or so the story goes –

Today enjoy my poem “My Damned Pen”  at Pen of the Damned.

Here are a few pieces…

The black penumbra grows

rising, rising, rising

greying forms its shadow

pages turn unclear…


Pensive are the times

extra, extra, extra

read me between the lines…


Pendulum cold doth sway

left ,right ,right, left

endless sound so fey

will it never stop…


Pen away my life

scribble, scribble, scribble

black against parched white…


The faithful friend

you were there at the beginning

to prod and inspire

as I moved forward

you were my single desire

the paper and pen

well within grasp

words flowed in chorus

faithful to the last

but life came on quickly

demands every day

my friend that I loved

pushed out of the way

pen  replaced with keys

years have gone by

words from my fingers

appear to fly

my friend never left

she only stood by

waiting for the day

words would  take a try