The Last of the Hearts (One Stop Poetry)

The game of life was on players easing into another hand spades, diamonds and clubs  flying one man controlled the game with high trump *** masterfully skilled keeping his eye on the others the cavalier swept more into his cache waiting to take it all *** … and there they were the helpless hearts couldContinue reading “The Last of the Hearts (One Stop Poetry)”

Yew Tree (#art by Andrew Crane) #One Shot Wednesday

I am fated caught in your limbs strong and vast they hold me fast *** Were you meant to be intertwined in the sinews of my heart? Enshrined in my mind? *** Does my love give you license to blow in the breeze without breaking barely shaking? *** Together are we better than apart? *** WillContinue reading “Yew Tree (#art by Andrew Crane) #One Shot Wednesday”

Silence (One Shot Wednesday) #poetry

The space between our words almost as piteous as the distance between our hearts *** Unbearable silence when you abandon me I am left enslaved on a thought for days *** To measure loneliness by absence of sound expounds emptiness *** my heart is trapped in this vacuum silence will  be my ruin Each week One StopContinue reading “Silence (One Shot Wednesday) #poetry”

Prism of Pain (One Shot Wednesday) #poetry

What angle will you jab at me today a prism  usually with the light it plays *** rainbow reflections colored so bright most enjoy your dance with the light *** but this, this prism has turned my life into the darkest abyss *** each angle you grab a facet of pain you swivel me andContinue reading “Prism of Pain (One Shot Wednesday) #poetry”

Lights Go OUT (One Shot Wenesday)

When the lights go low what do you Fear? Do things creep and crawl? Is emptiness nothing at all? ** What consumes your mental abyss is it a dungeon of doubt groping hands in the mist? *** Perhaps the knowledge that you  seek in the marshes just a peek ** A forbidden fury is thereContinue reading “Lights Go OUT (One Shot Wenesday)”

I passed by you (Poem – One Shot Wednesday)

Yesterday I passed by you you caught my eye and held it you made a point to touch to never let me go my heart soared *** Today I passed by you our eyes met we barely touched you hurriedly let go my heart wanted to know Why? *** Just Now I passed by youContinue reading “I passed by you (Poem – One Shot Wednesday)”

Thread to my heart (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)

Thanks to all who join us each week for quality poetry at One Shot Wednesday. We hope you enjoy this week. The poem I wrote for today after some thought is taking a trip to several magazines instead of One Shot. This poem has been faithfully sitting gathering dust in a folder called poems. My heartContinue reading “Thread to my heart (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)”

Turn Around (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)

Don’t call out my name reach for my hand let me walk take a stand Leave Go away don’t say those words I grapple  each day with the sting inside of me Now turn around the final time Tears of yours merge with mine The dance of love is  intricate, flowing, and sometimes stopped mid-stream.Continue reading “Turn Around (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)”

Moondustwriter Thursday – featured Poet Dave Holloway

Check out One Stop Poetry where I feature poet Dave Holloway. Any poets interested in being featured, please contact me. Always great poetry at One Shot Poetry. Friday – Adam Dustus Day Saturday – Pete Marshall Poetry Sunday –  One Shoot Sunday – hosted by Dustus Monday – Best is left for last The BrianContinue reading “Moondustwriter Thursday – featured Poet Dave Holloway”

In Your Dreams … (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)

I wonder… What would you be doing right now? Where would your mind be taking you? Who would be wandering with you in your dreams? What would you be holding close? I know… what you are doing right now Your mind is thinking of me I am wandering with you in your dreams You areContinue reading “In Your Dreams … (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)”

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