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No Dial Tone #flashfiction #newcago #noir


She had tried desperately to make the call for help. What sick bastard had cut the phone receiver off and placed a skull face on duct tape?

I  found her hanging onto the cord.  She was all dolled up on her way to something special.

I was alarmed by the time of day the murder occurred. New Cago crime usually started when the moon rose. This young woman was killed before dusk.

What was to become of the city? Its people?

“Lily,” I shouted.

“They need you darling,” I heard her sweet voice in the breeze.

“Yes, I know.”


This week’s prompt for Friday Fictioneers (hosted by the delightfully inspirational Rochelle) was supplied by Danny Bowman. Looks like budget cuts are in full swing.

This is another 100 word offering being added to a  growing series of stories all set in NewCago. There are many loose strings, unanswered questions about this metropolitan society that is sinking into the mire. Sam seems to be the only one to keep the bad doings at bay but how much longer???

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centus saturday · microfiction

Late Night Call #mystery #microfiction

In the midst of a perfect dream  the phone rang.

“Who’s calling at 2 in the morning? I yawned.

“Hello. What? Where are you honey?”

“My car broke down. I ‘m stranded at a phone booth on Hillcrest.”

“Ok honey let me call the police, stay there, and I will come  get you.”

“Noooo…” I heard my daughter’s frantic scream on the other end of the line.

“Honey, HONEYYYYY….Help is coming!!!”

I left the phone line open.

After  pounding on the third neighbor’s door,  I rushed in and called the police.

The number you have reached is no longer in service.” 

“There is no one there maam…”

Thanks to Jenny the gracious hostess at Centus Saturday. This week’s prompt: “The number you have reached is no longer in service”  ~ Enjoy!

55 word story

Why Wait? (Friday Flash Fiction)

She always kept him waiting

waiting at the door, by the phone.

“patience must be his virtue”

his friends would mumble.

She was clueless when it came to time and schedules.

Then he saw her – his heart flipflopped as their eyes met

he was reminded why he waited

that sparkle – spoke of love and “us”

Thanks to Space Cadet for the photo:http://www.flickr.com/photos/frenchiefoo/40645091/

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55 word story

No answers (55)

She called

no answer…

A big tear drop

filled with hope

dreams and desires

cascaded to the parapet

of  her heart

There was an emptiness

in the ring

a “you are not wanted”

sound in each space

“Go on”, it said

“find another

to call with the answers”

just then the phone rang…

Thanks Rev Dan Catz for the Phone from the St. Francis San Francisco


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