Long to Belong #poetry #photography #friends

Two, Never the same

 somehow always connected

your laugh is mine

something distance can never claim

the waves of life crash

and then recede

carrying tales of long ago

on pages past

As I sat by his side

I saw your eyes

so full of other worlds

soon carried out by the tide

 we’ve had to endure

life’s many storms

 friends bound by fate

 forever sisters

(of that I am sure)

Thanks to Poet’s United for the prompt Best Friend. Last week I had the honor of sharing sweet memories with my best friend’s dad. A man (and family) who made my life whole.


“We’ll  be Friends Forever, wont we, Pooh?” Piglet asked.

“Even longer.” Pooh answered.

A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

“End of the Trail” ~ #flashfiction

I just read the paper:

“Marty Underpier

died at the age of 66.”

The coroner’s report

states  time of death was 1pm

at Santa Monica pier”

“Hmm,” she thought, “wasn’t that when the women’s all american volleyball team was practicing on the beach?”

“Although he toppled over the pier,

coroners believe he drowned in his chowder.”

Thanks to G-Man for hosting the Friday Flash 55 every week. Please join us as we enjoy weekly fiction in 55 words at his expense.