Playing at Pawell #atozchallenge #children #uganda

 puppets tell stories

 balls in the sky

we run, jump and play

color and listen

all part of our day

we learn from our teachers

enjoy a sweet

sing a new song

we’re children of Pawell

come join along


I can’t express what a joy these children are to teach and play with. I hope you can tell from the pictures that we love the Acholi.


The Story of a Village #photography #poetry

There were children

that we didn’t hear

there were mamas

burdens to bear

there was water

miles carried away

there was sunshine

 too busy everyday

                                                                                   child at water pump

a well where people praise

water on their heads

children stop to play

we call her Pawell

laughter heard today

sonshine spills from hearts



Catch a wave #winter #snowday #poetry

cold wave

Silent the waves crash

cold pillows they lay

diamond crystals tease

beckon, “come and play”


winter’s dance is cold

can you catch the curl

ride it into shore

caught in chilling swirl?


frozen is this tide

so pure and crystal light

do not be misled

it will take you for a ride


today we  beat the cold

warmth wrapped about our chin

riding winter’s wave

scarf lost into the wind

What did you lose? #children #photography #wordpress #poetry

Child's Play
Child’s Play

Something fell

lost in the silvery deep

it had been my treasure to keep

something fell

no longer mine

maybe a crocodile someday will find

something fell

my fingers dipped

now it’s lost because I slipped

water child

How delightful to watch a child as she feels a watery world between her fingertips. So many things found and lost.

This is a photography submission for the WordPress DailyPost – The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Lost in the Details

At first I thought I’d like the close-up of the little girl but symbolically her mesmerized state is more profound when you take in the color and activity of the entire shot

Photography: “What Did You Lose?” copyright 2012 L. Moon