Not Under a Tree #gifts #children #Christmas

Please enjoy this montage of poetry over the next several days. These true vignettes represent what I believe the true spirit of Christmas to b: Generous the soul that gives what little he possess in such a manner shed a light a heart the greatest gift ***   There was a boy not old norContinue reading “Not Under a Tree #gifts #children #Christmas”

His Eye is on the Sparrow #sundaydevotion

Ah spring fancy dresses are shaken out girl’s eyes flutter there’s no doubt waiting for the the band to begin * the dance floor full of hope hard work of building complete so the weary can get off their feet moves  come naturally * fluttering wings of all sizes white and yellow butterflies flit brightContinue reading “His Eye is on the Sparrow #sundaydevotion”

Holiday Cheer #scrooge #postaday #Christmas

  There I was out in the cold (again.) Do the people who ask for holiday donations for the poor really know what it is like for us? Do they do it so they can feel better when they sit down to a big fat goose? I can’t wish them ill really I can’t. IContinue reading “Holiday Cheer #scrooge #postaday #Christmas”

Beneath the Tree #christmas #poverty #poetry

We looked at pictures colorful memories  early morning squeals mouth-watering scents and glittery anticipation this year tradition shattered I  looked  at  pictures tear  fused  with  the ink unrecognizable monochrome blurs replaced     the     jolly    scene journey into unknown packages empty the air was- the same The  pictures  looked  at me questionsContinue reading “Beneath the Tree #christmas #poverty #poetry”

Poverty’s Streets are the new Manhattan #poetry #photography

Poverty’s Streets are the new Manhattan You want to change me I don’t want your life behind the wheel of a Benz I like my two-speed bike with peeling paint no one wants to steal it like they steal your unoriginal ideas I don’t need a copyright on my street art it’s free when theyContinue reading “Poverty’s Streets are the new Manhattan #poetry #photography”

Travel with me #photography #poetry

All over the world have I gone each pin on the map a smiling face where you belong your homes you opened dirt floor or no tiny rooms on a small lift you go living with you no matter no where showed a window to love generous people who cared I have travelled all overContinue reading “Travel with me #photography #poetry”

I remember… #writing #writingchallenge

memories cascading over memories caught in a 3 by 3 black and white image toddling in white the camera moves forward or is it backward capturing the larger scene tears that fall like waterfalls the smallness of her age cannot gather the drops in her bucket so she looks to the source and smiles sunContinue reading “I remember… #writing #writingchallenge”

More Than Food On Thanksgiving #microfiction

We gather together to ask the Lords blessing… I heard the song and heard her singing, I had not heard her in more than two decades She taught me to count my blessings “I’m trying to remember grandmama some days are more difficult than others” I delivered several boxes filled with food for Thanksgiving forContinue reading “More Than Food On Thanksgiving #microfiction”

A story in 55 – you are kidding right? ( Flash 55)

I knew poor it’s true but a bed, bathroom, and love – always there for two. He took me home he entreated don’t expect too much.  No water hot nor cold- no heater coil to touch. One room for the four between the walls. Food was scarce – love was too. The title “family” thatContinue reading “A story in 55 – you are kidding right? ( Flash 55)”


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